Why are so many people frustrated by unattainable ideals for their living rooms? Staged homes and gorgeous HGTV photos are edited - just as models are photoshopped. Granted, some homes have better floorplans, materials and lighting- just as most models have great figures, skin, and hair. In real ...
  Thing that make you go hmmmm, Ever wonder why a certain shade that you love in a friends house looks awful in yours?  Why does blue look green when you thought it would look great with your hardwood oak floors? Why do the kids fingerprints show everywhere? Now that they've colored with crayons ...
Alright. This bedroom is not my favorite look.  But the whole house was a train wreck. The pillows on the bed were in the living room and the picture above was in the garage. The white 'throw' on the comforter is a sheet... but it's clean!I redesign rather than stage homes. Working with pieces al...

daryl rosenbaum

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