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DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL TO OUTSMART MOTHER GOOGLE?? An interesting post this a.m. about "Article Spinning" got my attention since the article contained the word "Google" which will always get my attention. HIDING UNDER THE BLACK HAT.  The writer's description o...
I'm number #1 - well, after the first 10 results! That's a statement that plagues many agents who appear at the "top" of the search engines. That's because for so many local based searches, Google first shows the local "7-pack." Suddenly, being "#1" organically means your site doesn't show up unt...
Save Repair Costs, Mobile Auto Repair, Repairs and Service To Your Car Onsite.  Matt 778.389.9555 I discovered this great service when my RV had motor problems. It is very expensive to tow an RV. Matt came out and did all the repairs onsite. I saved money on the tow bill and his rates were far l...
Here's some handy information from my fellow blogger Robin Holland about credit reports from her article on the Equifax Personal Finance Blog. Think of your credit report as a snapshot of your financial life. Creditors don't get to know you by inviting you over for a barbecue or "friending" you ...