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HOME AND GARDEN SHOW PARKING LOTS. If you can't afford to rent a booth you can still display your company to all the people who go there. How? By putting advertising on their cars in the parking lots around the trade fair center! If you printed up a few thousand gift certificates and left one on ...
HOME AND GARDEN SHOWS. If you can afford to go into the local home and garden show it would probably be a good source of customer leads. The attendance of these events is sometimes staggering so the price to go into one is fairly high. To lower your costs, you may be able to share a booth with so...
PARADE PROMOTIONS. This is the time to have some people in your uniforms passing out $5 gift certificates to the crowds as your float goes by. You may want to have one of your aerating machines [clean of course] on display as well.
PARADES. This is a outstanding time to show off any unusual vehicles you have acquired. Of course they will have your logo on them even if it is only a banner for the day! Many of the large companies restore and build specialty vehicles just for such events
TAKE OUT DELIVERY BOXES. The local pizza, Chinese Food and other take out places will probably be willing to talk about a sponsorship arrangement, as well. They spend hundreds of dollars on packaging a year, if not thousands.
   SHOPPING BAG SPONSORSHIP. The local grocery or drug store may want to go in on a sponsorship arrangement as well. If you cover part or all of the cost of supplying all of the store's paper bag needs the both of you will profit. You get the benefit of the exposure to their customers and they ge...
 With times being as tight as they are now, This vehicle would have people all over it whenever I would stop at a parking lot. This would be an ideal company vehicle upon which your logo could be displayed andit could be a great deal of fun as well. This vehicle could be used for community events...
 ENVELOPE SPONSORSHIP. This unique idea may be beneficial to local charities and other groups on a tight budget. You could approach them and explain that you would be willing to purchase all of their stationary supplies provided you could place a small statement that your firm supplied the suppli...

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