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WORD OF MOUTH. I always get about 1/3 of my customers every year by word of mouth (referrals). This is an excellent method of obtaining business as it is almost a certainty that the new customers will buy from you again and again and continue the word of mouth!
 FLYERS. I put out flyers by the tens of thousands. I get excellent returns from this method of advertising. This sounds expensive and it's true, at first, it was expensive to produce and send out flyers in such numbers so I had to devise a way to stretch my advertising dollar. I decided on print...
I would select an area of about 10 square blocks around my jobsites, then I would cross reference this area to the postal route maps. I would then send out a personal letter to all these homes inviting them to enjoy my 'in the neighborhood discount'. This method produces profitable results and co...
Cost Effective Marketing Tips NEIGHBORHOOD NETWORK. While I am on site doing a job, I always knock on every door for 10 homes up and down the block on both sides of the street. I do this while my employee is doing the original job and I usually get 1 or 2 before he is finished. This has tripled t...
Cost Effective Marketing...Advertising is a market segment of the entire marketing process. Marketing encompasses the entire business process from inception of idea to research and development, manufacturing, advertising, promotion, selling and distribution. The following deals primarily with adv...
How To Create HyperLinks to Anchor Text Many of our Members and Bloggers have heard, read, or been told that it's not good to include links in your Blog posts to other sites.  Nonsense!  In this post, I'll share my difference of opinion, then show you how to do it.  Creating Hyperlinks to Anchor ...
Q.  Are iPhones and blackberries are going to eventually replace business telephone systems? People often  come up and ask me if they think that personal devices assistants like  iPhones and blackberries are going to eventually replace business telephone systems possibly one day.  They may one da...
Q.I've noticed that the phone companies seem to charge a lot less money for lines when you're closer to major urban centers than they do when you're further away from the downtown core. A. This is because there's less competition.Well that's about to change with newer technology like flex lines Y...
There's now an exciting new way to look for your new home. Google Street view give you an opportunity to walk through the neighborhood that you're thinking of buying and then drive around the neighborhood and see if it's the neighborhood you want to live it. With this simple tool, you can now see...
How to use foriegn language symbols using window alt codes REALTORS® sometimes need to use foriegn language symbols, this are the codes for window users with and numeric pad on the side of the keyboard. You press and hold Alt and inset the code Simple, once your are shown how. Here is how to make...

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