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Tools on Google Calendar.Leverage new social media tools to capture saleable listings and build relationships with new age consumers! Learn about dollar-productive ways to use social media in your real estate practice from one of the nation's leading journalists and social media mavens, Frances F...
Thanks to Darren Revell for reminding us of the new law change.  Cell Phones New law prohibits using cell phones while driving On January 1, 2010, changes to the Motor Vehicle Act make it illegal to use handheld devices, including cell phones, while driving.   A driver caught talking on a hand-he...
TIME magazine created a list of their top 25 blogs of 2009. I only found it appropriate to re-blog it myself. It spans from housekeeping to politics to entertainment. If you haven't yet, you may want to check some of these out. Talking Points Memo The Huffington Post Lifehacker Metafilter The Da...
RADIO CONTROLLED BLIMPS. There are small radio controlled blimps that you can purchase and have your ad put on the side like the Goodyear Blimp does. This may be a little expensive but would  sure be fun!  I wrote this book over 20 years ago for the lawn care industry. There was a recession on t...
BANNERS. There are specialty banner making shop now that can make a custom made banner in a day or so. These are the traditional banners that are long and narrow. They are made on computer so they can be made almost to any length. The banners that I priced out were only about $30 for an 8foot .  ...
BIG POSTERS. There are now many photocopy places that can produce the super large posters the size of blueprints. The great part of this is that they are blown up from ordinary 8 1/2" X 11" paper. You can take something that you can quickly produce on a desktop publishing machine [most of the pho...
  MOBILE VIDEO. I chose a combination T.V. and video player unit that was 12 volt adaptable so I could use it in my R.V. when I wanted to advertise and play the video through the windows in the R.V. This was a great hit in the parking lots at the shopping malls or the local events. The novelty of...
MALL VIDEO. You may find that a video about your services may be able to be placed in your local mall. There are combination T.V. and video player units now available that are the size of 12" portable T.V. You can rent a video camera at many places these days so you can make a simple 3 to 5 minu...
CABLE T.V. The local cable companies sometimes have very inexpensive community advertising on their channels. It is usually along the bottom of the T.V. News or the events calendar. Some stations even have a local video classified that you can be on for $20 to $50. That is a great deal! You will ...
Free copy of e-book grass roots marketing by Oval Living WRITE A COLUMN IN LOCAL PAPER AS AN ADVISOR. After you have been in business for a while you could approach the local papers to offer your services as a column writer answering lawn care questions. Once you have this column your lawn care s...

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