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Industry veteran Dan Moralez provides the latest updates on whats happening in the mortgage world. Reading this blog will help you know more than the lender you are probably working with now.
In this weeks video, I talk about the importance of mortgage documentation and understanding why as lenders we require some of the documentation that we do.     It is important to understand that the key to a fast and smooth mortgage process is documentation.  As part of the process it is importa...
In this weeks video blog post I share with you why having your clients prepared with their mortgage documentation will help them to expedite the mortgage process.   Documentation and being prepared to provide it is the key to making the mortgage process quick.
Simply put, Experience! Too often clients look for a lender to work with based only on interest rates.  They often times set themselves up for an unsuccessful mortgage experience based on chasing the lowest interest rate.  Even worse yet, many Realtors do little to educate their clients on why it...
As most of you are likely aware by now.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have just released information on the new 3% down conventional loan programs.  As with most mortgage programs the devil is in the details.  Here is a quick summary of the differences between the programs:   Fannie Mae: Two progra...
Today both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced the return of a conventional 3% down mortgage.  While aimed at primarily loan to moderate income buyers, this program will make homeownership much more affordable for many would be homebuyers.  Watch my video for more information and details on this...
In this blog post I wanted to share some information for my Realtor colleages to help them understand how they can help to expedite the mortgage process for their clients.  Working as a team with your lending partners helps us to work collectively for the mutual benefit of our clients.  I plan on...
With more clients not being able to find a suitable home to purchase, clients are often times giving consideration to new construction.  Construction loans can vary from lender to lender.  I wanted to share with clients what the options look like and some of the important details on construction...
With a robust housing market and tight inventory, I wanted to continue my series on construction lending and the options it may open up for clients who cannot find their ideal home.  How does a construction loan work?Traditionally, construction loans are done two different ways. The first option...
The Michigan State Housing Development Authority just rolled out a new down payment assistance program for Non-First Time Homebuyers.  As a reminder, there is also a program that allows for down payment assistance for first time homebuyers.  I will cover that in next weeks blog post.   With all ...
As an experienced Mortgage Banker since 1991, I decided I would share with you answers to the most common questions I have received from clients over the years. It is my hope that it will help you to better understand the process so that you too can enjoy the American dream. Credit Do I have to ...

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