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          You may live on Sully, Lynn or Kevin Road and never ever gave it a thought. Perhaps you grew up on Jon or Lisa Drive.  When these slab ranch style homes were built in the late fifties and early sixties, they were considered 'private ways' by the City of Brockton.  As such, the Campanell...
     It is so easy to order the big, bright and shiny full color postcards from the comfort of the home office, that I have decided to do more of it in 2015.  This past order was a 'Just Sold' card that is going to 200 homes around this Brockton, MA  property.  The printing, labeling and postage ...
      The number of single family homes sold in Brockton in July of 2014 jumped to 65.  While they have been trending upward since the awful winter weather (36 homes sold in January), the first half of 2014 saw an average of about 47 homes sold per month.         By the end of most years about 60...
     It's always been my favorite argument that, unlike paying rent, your thirty year, fixed rate mortgage could never go up. Of course, your real estate taxes go up a little every year, and so will your insurance. Ever since my dad purchased our first home, a five room starter ranch in Brockton ...
Active Rain Contests     The challenge put forth was to explain how we are going to implement technology in our businesses in 2014.  In the movie Caddyshack, the obnoxious Al Cervic, (played by  Rodney Dangerfield) instructed his stockbroker to do the opposite of everyone else.  “If everyone is b...
     The number of single family homes sold in the City of Brockton in the third quarter of 2013 came in at 163.  This figure increased from 151 in Q3 2012.  More significantly, the average price of those homes was $190,944. compared to $165,510 from the same period in 2012.   These homes also so...
Old Profile Contents About me:   Honest, knowledgeable and reliable are Dan's hallmarks.  Known for his 'Dan De Service' pledge since the 1970's, he has bought and sold, managed and been involved with both residential and commercial properties.  He brings a vast knowledge to the table.  Dan also ...
     Chuck is going to be 72 years old this year.  His wife passed away in 2012 after a lengthy illness.  He's a pretty simple, unassuming guy who spent most of his working life in a shoe factory.  He and Mrs. Chuck truly loved and needed each other.  She worked as a book keeper and was very good...
     For us the decision came in 2005.  The home that we all grew up in had just become too much for our mother to take care of. She was 80 now and our dad had passed away more than a decade ago. Her “I ‘ll be fine” argument no longer sounded so sure. You could tell it in her voice. Her mind was ...
     If I had a nickel for every time that I had a home seller tell me that the smoke detectors work fine, I wouldn’t be rich but I would have a whole bunch of nickels.  Sometimes it is just better to skip the ion/photo speech and go to the how they work if there was a real fire and everyone was ...

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