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Some times you just got to be opened minded these days.  I was suffing on the net and found the link below so I stoped in to see what it was all about.  I read everything, checked it out and gave it a shot. Let's face it I've only been selling Real Estate for a little over a year and with the way...
This weekend was well over due because it was the first weekend in a long time that I got to show some homes. I always try to tell myself that this is the day that is going to catapult my real estate career to another level. Even if the market is not at its best, I know that it's coming back arou...
I went to the polls today and cast my vote for our next President. At the beginging of this election year I was listening to all the press  about our canidates and the news I was hearing was just to much for me to sort out on my on. So I started looking for God to sort it our for me because he is...
I was just wondering if anyone can help with some information. I've been thinking of trying to get started in commercial property mgt, mainly retail spaces and strip malls. There seems to be a few courses out their so I was woundering if anyone has taken any of them and their thoughts.  Any feed ...
Just got to the office & fired up the internet, which seems to be the life line for us all these days. As soon as my home page came up, there it was more negitinve talk about our country. I start everyday with a prayer asking for a positive day for my family & positive things for our country. I k...
I've signed up w/ at least 20 more companies to perform broker price opinions for. My wife and I have been doing these for a while, boy have they came in handy for us! Not only are we getting better at being able to price homes so they will sell faster but we've made extra cash as well.    
Well as of 10/23/2008 our system show that 99 properties have sold or been leased in the past 30 days, w/ the sold prices ranging from 30,000 to 695,000. There is 1,138 homes active in which 46 of those are forclosures. Most agents here are hard working individuals who are staying positive during...

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