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I (and some PRES students) had the pleasure of assisting with staging a home for Janet William's home seller. We staged the townhome a week ago and the client has just accepted an offer! The home seller is a single mom who has worked all her life and she admitted focussed more on what the childre...
Before I moved into becoming a PRES home staging instructor I was a sales manager for a billion dollar service company. I had to train new sales staff how to do cold calls. Some new sales people caught on right away and actually liked it as a motivator to meet their sales quota mix. Sometimes the...
A few posts ago I wrote about creating your 2010 Vision Board - a powerful tool for focussing on what you want to create in 2010. As a home stager and as the founder and creator of the PRES staging & redesign school, I believe it's important to know what your intentions are for yourself and how w...
I was so excited to hear the response to a question to the leading lady in a new movie called Leap Year, "What do you do?" reply: " I am STAGER!" Got to love the fact that home staging actually made it into the movies. I hope this means that more people know that we have a bona-fide profession an...
Having taught home staging and worked in the industry for about a decade it never fails to puzzle me, when the home owner or realtor tells me that they don't need the services of a professional home stager when I KNOW they do. All you need to do is to take a look at the photos on the internet lis...
I was reading an article in our local newspaper and they showed 3 houses that all sold over list and with mulitple offers: 1) a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, detached older home; days on market 4; 27 offers and $152,000 over list ($799,000); 2) an 8 bedrooms, 5 bath, detached 3,492 square feet; days on ma...
I am one of those people who loves to set goals each January. I don't make new year's resolutions as that sounds too negative to me. I like to use the 9 section Western Feng Shui bagua as my guide and put pictures, photos, sayings, etc. reflecting how I want 2010 to materialize. This is one of th...
As a home stager and founder of the PRES home staging program, I teach that 'relationships' are what sales are made from. We are the experts in getting the house ready for selling and know what it takes to turn it into a WOW, and realtors are the experts with the pricing, negotiating, etc.We both...

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