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On Sunday on my home blog at, I posed the question regarding the following statement from a craigslist housing for sale by owner ad, asking readers to spot the potential violation of the Fair Housing Act: Sunland Village is easily one the cleanest, nicest 55 and over com...
Active Rain and the real estate blogs are alive with the news that In the wee hours of the night in Washington, the House of Representatives voted to approve HR 8 and roll us back from the edge of the fiscal cliff. Included in HR 8 an extension of the Mortgage Forgiveness Act, which had helped pr...
I’ll just mention up front, I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to find a way to tie this into real estate. So you may experience an abrupt jolt at some point as I shoehorn in a real estate hook from somewhere out of left field. As I watch the endless stream of thankfulness posts, I nod and smi...
Author's note: in case my mother sees this, I hit post before sundown and Kol Nidre Fair enough. And not at all surprising, since nearly all the surveys in which real estate agents as a group are rated somewhere just this side of your average state politician or used car salesman, the caveat near...
Yesterday afternoon, the wife and I went to see The Campaign. Maybe I’m giving Adam McKay too much credit, but there was a really smart, really funny underlying parody of how campaigns and politics in America are handled. To see the already absurd lifted to an even more absurd level was sublime. ...
Tucked away close to the Westgate City Center is the cozy subdivision of Provence. (I’d say walking distance but, frankly, when it’s 111 degrees out no one is walking anywhere.) Built by K Hovnanian/Great Western, there are one- and two-story models that both feature stainless steel appliances, g...
The movement is scarcely more perceptible than a 3.0 quake in greater Los Angeles, but there's a slight change taking place under our feet here in the Phoenix real estate market. As of the moment, there are 7,941 single family detached homes for sale across Maricopa County. That's every so slight...
Received an e-mail yesterday from an investor looking for property here in the Phoenix area. Unlike many of the weekend warriors who occasionally drop me a line, this individual was specific in his goals and desires, which was immensely beneficial. The only real problem was the timing, as what he...
From Steve Cook of the BiggerPockets real estate investment blog: A new study of some of the hardest hit markets like Phoenix suggests that prices have been so low that they have been offering bargains for buyers because they became detached from economic fundamentals and now prices are rising as...
This morning brought the NAR-required quadrennial review of the Code of Ethics, a multi-page, multi-article creation that, at the end of the day, says we’re supposed to do right by our clients and play nicely with others. This particular COE class was intertwined with a course on agency – the con...

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