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An honest point of view and information regarding the status of the mortgage industry.
 Fall is coming and the season is set to change.  Housing information is changing as well.  Potentially driven by the 8,000 tax credit and backed by a slowly rebounding economy, the housing market is working it's way back to pre-collapse status.  It's not a huge adjustment upward, but the trendin...
After multiple discussions with realtors, insurance agents, and other mortgage lenders, it has become evident that all areas of the real estate industry are involved in a cloak and dagger style buyer.  Whether they are driven by the insatiable need of getting the best price, cheapest costs, and l...
Remember the days when a 700 credit score would get you the red carpet treatment and a 5% interest rate would line up so many clients the carpet would be threadbare? Not so in today's real estate arena.  A 700 credit score gets you past the 1st step of qualifying, then comes the next step in what...
The last month has been interesting in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Pre-qualifications to secure financing has held steady, but pulling the trigger on the home of choice has been painfully delayed.  Odd considering rates are still at 30 year lows.  Odd considering property values seem to have hit...
It's been a while since headlines have leaned in a gracious manner towards the housing industry.  Texas has earned a spot in the top 5 places to purchase per an article on CNN Money.  Good news to the local DFW market and an indicator of things to come. Surprisingly, the news is flooded with abov...
Ever wish you could get someone to pay your rent for a year?  Well..if you purchase a house this year, your wish may just be reality. Think of it this way. If you take the new $8,000 stimulus money for new home buyers and divide by 12, you are receiving a credit of $667 per month.  That's if you ...
Yesterday the market was not for the faint at heart, but pricing remained almost unchanged from the prior day.  As the week trend is viewed, rates increased by about .25 to rate.    Here's a prediction for the next week.  So quick pre-qualification and timely locking of the rate is essential for ...

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An honest point of view and information regarding the status of the mortgage industry.