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I am inundated with email from companies offering the moon to agents.  Some offer a very low monthly fee and limited or no services to the agent.  Others offer a higher fee and some services to the agents.  That got me to wondering.  What do agents really want from their broker?  Is it all based ...
Here I sit contemplating the real estate business.  It has not been bad,  It has been challenging.  The challenges I face everyday here in Fort Worth Texas are probably the same as all of you face everyday.  The business is out there but finding it is tough.  Even if you can find it the financing...
i am on the last day of a trip in North Carolina.  Because of my involvment the House Hunter America, I gett to travel a little and talk to brokers that are looking at new opportunities in this ever changing business.  It is always very interesting to hear how other parts of the country are doing...
I spent a little time with my family this weekend and had a very good time.  We discussed the ups and downs of a career in the real estate world.  It was all good. I have done this business for more years than I care to remember sometimes, 17 or so,  but the business has been god to me.  As we go...
The credit crunch......plunging home values.......foreclosures are on the modifications?   What does all of this mean to rela estate professionals across the country.  I do not really know the answer but if you do send me your thoughts.  I do know that as we start 2009 many things...
How does the credit crisis affect the real estate community in Texas?  The answer is we really do not know.  Maybe a beeter question is how does consumer confidence effect the real estate market?  The real estate market in DFW is not in that bad of shape.  Our prices have dropped but not signific...

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This is my time to talk about things on my mind. I do many different things in the real estate business and I sometimes just need to ramble. Sometimes the ramblings are good and sometimes they are not but they are usually interesting. At least to me.