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~ The call of the Coyote ~ For the last several evenings and nights, I have had my attention drawn away from whatever it was that I was doing, to the eerie screech, yell and howl of the coyotes that call the path behind my house their home.  I have been woken up by them several times in the last ...
~THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE!~ My sister, her husband, my niece and I, all found ourselves saying, "They all look alike." several times throughout the five days we were there.  Not just once or twice, but several times each and every day!  We were unable to pick out my nephew (which also would be my niec...
~ Is Mine Bigger Than Yours? ~   I just have one question.  Is mine bigger than yours?  I know it's a crazy question, but a fair one!  It's November now and winter is coming soon.  The weather is changing and the leaves on the trees have gone from green to the beautiful bright colors of fall.  If...
THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME (AND BACK HOME)! Yes, indeed, there is no place like home, and back home.  To me there is a difference.  BACK HOME is where I grew up and home is where I live now.  I was born and raised in Des Plaines, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago.  We, (Mom, Dad, my sister ...
~ Here's Your Sign! ~   Have you ever experienced a sign?  You know, something in the vast universe that seems to be screaming, "Here's Your Sign!"  Do you even pay attention to it?  Do you even recognize that it is some kind of a sign?  Or are you not in tune with the universe and your environme...
~ The Denver Real Estate Market Is HOT HOT HOT! ~   The real estate market in the Denver Metro area is no longer a Buyer's market.  It is a seller's market and it's HOT, HOT HOT!!!  What is making the market so hot?  It's a combination of things.  The reason we are in a Seller's market is due to ...
I Am Proud to Be an AR Member - Social Media Can Get Things Done   I am so proud to be a member of Active Rain.  One of our members , Gail Robertson of Fairfield, Ct.,  posted yesterday, February 8th, that she needed our help.  Her post, entitled, Today I was Told by BOA My Home is Going Into For...
I think BOA shold be ashamed of themselves!!!!  And embarrassed...especially the person responsible for turning down Gail's loan modification.  I can guarantee that I won't use BOA for anything.  Gail and her husband need our support.  We need to all reblog the heck out of this. After three years...
 ~ I Listed a Hot One....Almost! ~   Awhile back, I went on a listing appointment.  The seller had contacted me two days prior to list her house.  It had previously been listed by an agent that failed to abide by the listing contract in more ways than one.    She had the property listed for over ...
What's In A Name?   Have you ever thought about what is in a name?  Nowadays there are some pretty crazy names out in the world.  Names I've never heard of.  Names that were completely made up from out of no where, letters just thrown together, or a name that I know, but is spelled some absolutel...

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