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~ Pay It Forward - Dog Day Afternoon ~ I spent the entire day today showing houses.  We just got my sellers home under contract and now needed to find a home for them to move into.  We had been out looking in the past, so our areas were narrowed down.  The time crunch I am fighting is that they g...
~ It's a Number Thing!
~ Today is My Baby's Birthday! ~ Twelve years ago today he was born.  He had one brother and 2 sisters.  I was so excited to bring him home.  I remember before he was born trying to come up with names.  I would repeat names and rhyme them until I found the one that just seemed to feel right and s...
~ I Feel Like I am Selling Real Estate in the 1990's Again! ~ Right before the Fourth of July weekend, I was covering the floor/deskduty time.  A lady called in asking about a specific address she had drivien by.  She wanted to know the usual; price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage spaces, ...
~ Lightening Storms ~ This past week in the Denver area we had severe thunder storms and lots of rain.  As far as the rain goes, we needed it.  And the lightening was beautiful and entertaining to watch.  But sometimes the aftermath is not so kind. I was driving over to the Aurora Association of ...
Heather actually wrote this post awhile back.  I found some good words of wisdom in what she said.  It's kind of like counting to ten before responding when you are upset.   You've most likely heard the phrase "two sides of a coin", meaning there are two sides to every argument.  Well, I say the...
  I came across this post on Russell Ray's post on re-bloggable posts.  I think you would all agree that you know a few people that fit what Sylvia is talking about in her post.  It kind of reminds me of the Darwin Awards for real estate related folks!     We've all had them ---- the client from ...
~ Harry Potter Movie ~ I just got home from seeing the last installment of the Harry Potter movies at the Southlands Movie Theaters!  Some real estate vendors sponsored a 'sneak peak' prior to the movie opening at midnight tonight.  I saw it at 7:00pm Denver time. I started reading the books beca...
~ Pay It Forward - Garage Sale Help ~ Many of you are familiar from my posts in the past, about what a wonderfulneighborhood I live in.  We know one another by name, go to events together, have BBQs, etc.  My neighbor, Sara, had a garage sale this weekend and asked if she could borrow my 2 tables...
~ Pay It Forward - Introductions ~ We recently had a new couple move into the neighborhood.  Paul and Sharon moved here from Florida.  I met Paul and his dog, McFeely while on the walking path with my dog Kobi about a week ago.  Since I had never seen him or his dog before, I introduced myself.  ...

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