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If you live in San Mateo County and own or want to buy a home, there is a good chance that you will need a jumbo mortgage rate quote when shopping for a loan. There are many variables that go into a jumbo mortgage rate quote. knowing what these variables are can help you ask the right questions t...
Abe the Agent had a great eye for value. One day while on tour he spotted a home that obviously needed work. The home was in a good neighborhood. Interest rates were low, and rents were increasing. After he was done with his tour, he decided to call his old client, Ivana the Investor. Abe had hel...
If you obtained a FHA loan in San Mateo County prior to May 31,2009, you may be able to benefit from the news announced yesterday. FHA streamline loans may become more affordable. FHA mortgage insurance premiums have increased in the last several years. These increased premiums have made it less ...
Can a first-time buyer can get a jumbo loan? Yes, however, lenders often scrutinize this type of transaction with more requirements to qualify than they have for a move-up buyer.  One concern they have with a first-time buyer is payment shock. Payment shock is defined as the amount exceeding the...
A client asked me the other day, "How does a stock loan work?" A stock loan works differently than a mortgage loan, but can serve the same purpose of financing real estate. Instead of real estate as collateral for the loan, the stock portfolio (bonds and other marketable securities can work also)...
FHA loans are becoming more important in San Mateo County. The maximum loan amount is $729,750. There are many homes that can be marketed with FHA financing being available, or purchased utilizing FHA financing. There are some changes being implemented for FHA loans beginning in October. This ar...
FHA Approved Condo For Sale In Burlingame Are you looking at condos for sale in Burlingame that are FHA approved? There is a condo for sale that is FHA approved located at 107 El Camino Real Unit 103. FHA financing offers many benefits: The down payment can be as low as 3.5% The entire down payme...
There are two FHA approved condos in Burlingame. If you want to use FHA financing to purchase a condo, it must be an FHA approved condo. Parc Newlands is located at 107 El Camino Real. It is on the southwest corner of Newlands Avenue and El Camino Real. There are 17 units in this complex. Pershin...
Brad Andersohn constantly provides great content about how to imrove our social media marketing for us in the real estate industry. Here is his latest article about improving our SEO for the video and images we use in our social media marketing. I am going to post this on my Facebook page that fo...
In my opinion, the number one way to make a loan transaction fly through the process is by submitting an Awesome Loan Package! An Awesome Loan Package is actually very easy to put together. All it takes is a little attention to detail. Let's start with the loan application. The key idea I want yo...

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