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Discover The Right Time To Remove Your Loan Contingency   The release of loan contingency is one of the most important decisions a buyer must make during the escrow process. A better question to ask is "when is it safe to remove my loan contingency?".  It is safe when you and your loan officer a...
How To Get A Jumbo Mortgage Loan With A Low FICO Credit Score A jumbo mortgage loan with a low FICO credit score can be done! One of my sources of business lately has been picking up loans from real estate agents and other lenders that could not fit potential borrowers into their credit score box...
I have written previously about the 3% down with no PMI loan program. Eligibility depends on two qualifiers: property location or income limits. You can buy a home anywhere in San Mateo County with this program if your income is less than $121,440. If it is more, than the property must be in one ...
Do you ever get that little bird on your shoulder telling you that you should update your clients about what is happening in their transaction and when the important dates are? We all do, but sometimes we get so busy with everything else we have to do that we forget about this critical function i...
Right now I am in the process of choosing Realtors® to work with to implement a listing presentation that will leave their competitors in the dust!  The whole idea is to go into the presentation with a set of marketing tools that have already been prepared for the seller, specific to their proper...
"What will the payment be?" Is a question you, as a real estate agent, are probably asked all the time. You probably handle this question one of several ways: You pull out your HP 12-C (if you have it) and hopefully push the right buttons to get the payment You take a guess ("Oh its probably arou...
What To Ask To Get The Best Fixed Mortgage Rates In California You want to get the best fixed mortgage rates when you apply for a loan, don't you? Of course you do! How, you may ask, do I make sure I get the best rates I possibly can?  It's simple, really. You need to know what questions to ask. ...
In your search for a mortgage you may have asked yourself and others “What is the best loan product for me?” Well the answer to that question depends on a lot of variables. Variables such as how long you plan to stay in the home, your age, your tolerance for risk, etc.  Before answering that ques...
Mortgage rates have always been a bit of mystery to consumers. We mortgage professionals have advertised rates in hopes of attracting business. I think that this type of advertising is deceptive because there are so many factors that go into a mortgage rate quote. Jason Gordon does a great job ex...
You Have Found Mortgage Companies In Burlingame CA 94010 I know why you are here. You did a search for the term "mortgage companies in Burlingame CA 94010". When the search engine delivered the results it was a random list filled with some lenders, some review sights, and some aggregation sights....

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