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  Have you pinned a post to your Facebook page? Do you know what pinning a post means? Do you know why pinning a post is important? If you have answered no to any of these questions, you have come to the right place! As you can see from the title, this blog post has three parts. The first part is...
George Souto does a great job here explaining how the sales contract can raise red flags in front of the underwriter. As a real estate agent you need to know what these red flags are and how to avoid them.  Related Post - Discover The Right Time To Remove The Loan ContingencyThese days every Mort...
If your clients smile when they think of you, do you think that they are more apt to refer you? The question you might have is "how do I make them smile?". Simple - congratulate them on their special moments! Birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations are some of these moments. Ok Caulfield, you s...
I recently figured out that I have neglected my e-mail signature when in fact it could be an important part of growing my business! Like most people, my e-mail signature was pretty boring. Name, company name, address, phone number, fax number, and license number.                                  ...
Rob Spinosa does a great job here of explaining that what makes up the components of getting the best "deal" on a mortgage. This is a great read for anybody who is looking for a mortgage. How to Get the Best Deal on Your Mortgage   So you’ve embarked upon the daunting task of shopping for the bes...
"Have you set up a Facebook page to help market my house? The agent that was here before you has." What would you say and do if you were hit with this question by a potential seller during your listing presentation? Would you feel like a deer in headlights? Of course having a Facebook listing pag...
5 Reasons Your Clients Will Thank You For Suggesting A Large Loan Getting the largest loan possible is counter-intuitive to most people. We have been trained through the ages that debt is bad, and it should be paid off as soon as possible.  However, there are benefits your clients can enjoy by ob...
 A 5 minute read that will save you 5 days in the loan process! You are in contract. You have all types of deadlines: property inspection, loan contingency, close of escrow, etc. Let’s face it – this process is stressful!How can your stress be reduced? One way is by working with a mortgage lender...
How To Make A 3% Down Payment And Not Pay PMI In California Would you like to buy a home with 3% down with no PMI or MIP mortgage insurance in California? Contrary to popular belief, it can be done, and I wouldn’t even consider it to be creative financing!In this article I am going to help you un...
Trade-up home buying has a different set of issues to conquer than the first-time home buying process. The first-time home buying process is about education. The first-time home buyer is figuratively diving into the water for the first time. Whether they make a beautiful swan dive or belly flop d...

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