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Last night (actually this morning, the game finished after midnight), the Giants won in walk off fashion when Hector Sanchez knocked in the game winning run with a base hit against their arch rival, the Dodgers. It's great to win if you have the walk-off hit! Your team wins the game! Your teamma...
We have been in the lab testing a new strategy and the results are staggering! We tested it with a new agent who just received his license. We are talking green my friends.   It gets better; he came from the music industry and didn’t even know how to spell Real Estate. He was able to get over a m...
Would you like to figure out how much of a mortgage you can qualify for? In order to find out how much of a loan you can be approved for, you need to know the mechanics of how a lender calculates what are called debt-to-income ratios. There are two debt-to-income ratios: the housing expense ratio...
I want to earn the business of real estate agents. In order to earn your business, I have figured out a simple way to help you grow your business. All you have to do is share and follow up. The content I have for you to share is a recorded first-time homebuyer financing webinar. This seminar that...
Loading... First time buyers are busy people in this day and age. They need information about the home financing process, but they want it when it is convenient for them. To make it convenient, I have recorded a first time buyer financing seminar (or webinar as some call it). This seminar will an...
Questions I should ask the lender that is pre-approving my buyer When your buyer reports back to you how much the lender has pre-qualified them for, do you take that as the final answer? In my opinion you should not. Buyers don't know the questions they should ask because real estate and lending ...
Did you know that the minimum credit score for a jumbo loan that is required by the big banks is 680? In some cases that minimum score required is 700 or 720! You may be losing out on the opportunity to help your clients obtain financing by taking what the big banks are telling you and your clien...
Do I need to have a Facebook, LinkedIn, TwitterGoogle + and Pinterest account?  And should I beposting something of value on all these sites 3 timesa day? Yes, and you should be posting 3 times a day butit doesn’t have to take all day. We will show you on Tuesday November 19th from 9 to 10 AM Pa...
Are you looking for the Wells Fargo mortgage telephone number? The phone number listed on their website is (877) 937-9357. Why, you may ask, am I providing the phone number of a competitor? I am providing this number for you because I know what information you want, and I am delivering that to yo...
Many people are confused how to use Twitter in their real estate marketing. As a matter of fact, I'm really not clear how to use it for mortgage marketing! On Tuesday November 12, 2013 Elizabeth Rose is going to share how she has successfully used Twitter to grow her business, build her brand, an...

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