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As a loan officer in California I specialize in the jumbo loan market. I have been encouraged recently by the re-appearance of some lenders (Suntrust, Citimortgage) into the jumbo loan space. Despite the increased competition, it is still very difficult to obtain a jumbo loan because of the stric...
 Burlingame AYSO has its opening weekend this Saturday and Sunday, September 12th and 13th. Festivities start off with the annual parade at Burlingame High School. If you haven't been to the parade, you are in for a treat!   Burlingame AYSO brings in local dignitaries, such as the mayor, council ...
Here is an interesting perspective from a San Mateo Real Estate Agent about what is happening in the Bay Area real estate sales market.More importantly: Have we seen bottom in San Francisco Bay Area ? Well I like to think we have seen bottom and in fact I think it has come and gone.  It happened ...
Do you have transactions in California that make sense but are tough to place through institutional lenders, and deserve better than most hard money terms? Montecito Financial is a lender that you may want to consider contacting. In addition to my business as a mortgage broker, I am representing ...
Are you looking for a jumbo loan in San Mateo, CA? I can help you. As a mortgage broker in Burlingame (right next door to San Mateo), I am able to match you with the best jumbo loan for your needs because we are partners with many of the best jumbo lenders in the country.As a mortgage broker, I s...
A Burlingame business networking group was recently formed in June, 2009. It is under the auspices of BNI, the largest business networking group in the world. The goal of this group is to pass referrals to business owners that we know, like, and trust. If you are unfamiliar with BNI, here is a li...
Are you looking at homes for sale in Burlingame? Burlingame is a very desirable area to live. Here are some tips for you if you are planning on financing with a loan the purchase of one of the Burlingame homes for sale. Although many of the homes for sale in Burlingame are valued for more than on...
Are you looking for a construction loan in the Los Angeles, California area? Well, it has not been easy to find funding for a construction loan lately, but there are some sources starting to make funds available.  If this is the first time you have looked for a construction loan, there are some d...
Are you looking for a construction loan in California? Well, it has not been easy to find funding for a construction loan lately, but there are some sources starting to make funds available. If this is the first time you have looked for a construction loan, there are some details that you need to...
I read a blog post today on Cyberhomes blog (an excellent website and blog, by the way). It's latest post is titled "Searching For Good Mortgage Brokers" . In the post, the author writes, "For people who worry about finding a reputable broker (e.g., one who won't steer you into a loan with hidden...

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