Everything is spinning in the Bay Area!  Suddenly buyers are back after taking a nice festive break.  This week has been very busy with rates dropping and then rising and then dropping again.  Refis are on the way up and more houses are coming onto the market. Today I wrote an offer on a house th...
Well another year has gone by and what a year for real estate.  I am a newbie compared to some, this year I am celebrating my 10th year in the business as a Realtor.  I still love it and would not consider doing anything else despite the challenges the business is facing.  Last year was a transit...
Well today I did something I had never done as a Realtor.  There is always a first for everything and I have had my share of going into vacant houses just to find out a naked guy in the shower or having the door answered by an edonis dude dripping with water and a barely covered butt!!! Today I g...
Inventory in the Berkeley area, CA is so low!! Clients are waiting for a decent house to come up.  I checked yesterday and in one week only 18 new homes in the East Bay!!!  Some of them are overpriced and others are your typical REO or short sale listings...  How can you sell those??  We need mor...

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