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A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from the Hebrew, via Yiddish, and means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge. Wikipedia
There seems to be confusion with which type of smartyphone to use....♥ Android ♥ iPhone ♥ Windows ♥.....any one will do with the RIGHT applications. Just like teenage boys of my generation wanted to know what was under the hood of their parents' cars, I want to know what applications other real e...
As someone who NEVER wants to be ahead of the curve, I'm on my 3rd smartyphone - ALL Google/Android - all through Sprint PCS.       Somehow I came to the realization that I did not want to be stuck with iTunes/Apple platform and I went ALL Google/Android and ALL Samsung which has made life a lot ...
I believe that many rental families who are upwardly mobile for jobs and education will not buy unless they will be in the area for a minimum 5 years.  I have residents who are former homeowners who say they will not buy until their youngest child is in high school.... -  The American worker of t...
I have talked to "him" at least 4 times on the phone recently....each time, he says he is a "friend" of a prominent local architect; however, he does not know that those of us who know his architect friend call him HANK and not Henry as he refers to him. They are moving from Florida and are total...
Many of the steps for a first-time or prior homeowner are the stricter requirements for renter buyers to have their landlord(property manager) provide a Verification of Rent. Over the years, I have formulated a policy on providing these verifications.... FIRST, I charge a $50 forms fee for this p...
Over my years in property management, I have found that having departing residents leave the property in good and clean condition is a matter of education and instruction. I actually have a 2-page check out letter that expounds on cleaning instructions that are contained in the resident handbook ...
I rarely see this situation in homes I lease...frequently the renters are homeowners themselves elsewhere AND are cooperative. To Lenn's comment - this is ILLEGAL in most states as the performance in showing their home is not a condition under which a tenant's security deposit may be withheld.......
I just turned down being the Go-TO property manager for a 37 unit self-managed HOA because the HOA wanted to be involved in the way I did business with the unit property owners...KUDOS!  Unless these rules apply to the unit PURCHASERS also, kudos for making this involvement illegal!Arizona recent...
I LOVE my gmail fact, if your send me an email to, GoDaddy REdirects it to my gmail so I can view it on my smartyphone.....make it BRANDED and CONVENIENTHave you seen Google's new Inbox? I know, I know, I know. gmail is not a branded email address for b...
Many states * NY and WA * have turned down NASCAR/auto racing tracks which is a shame for local economies AND residents' quality of life.....NASCAR tracks have been likened to a footbal stadium which is totally apples v oranges...Want a GOOD * CLEAN * FAMILY sport * it's NASCAR....NASCAR heated u...

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