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Recession! We had a tough first quarter in '09 in regards to Mississauga Real Estate! Prices had dropped but buyers were nowhere around...too much news, too afraid, not enough good information. In short the buyers did not buy the deals. Then Mississauga home prices started to bounce back and in ...
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In one of my past blogs I wrote about how difficult it was to keep up with all the technology, BB, Twitter, A/R, Facebook etc etc.  But I know have a BB and have also joined a 'tech' group of like minded agents from our office.  Yes I was up till 1:30 am again but I was all excited about teching ...
Here's a good feeling story I thought I would share.  2.5 years ago, a lady came in to one of my Mississaugaopen house I was hosting.  We started talking, she saw the house, she filled in the guest registry and she left.  The following week I followed up with her.  Obviously she was not going to ...
Wow. Did I ever get a great response from my last blog.  I just wanted to thank everyone for their input and feedback.  I was actually stunned at the response. So what did I learn?  I learned that just about everyone is trying to keep up with all this social media stuff.  Most are frantic about i...
Ok, I am really trying to get a handle on all of this.  I have 2 teenage kids and texting is all the rage.  I keep saying 'just call them and get it over with".  I'm still using a 'Razor' cell phone but I'm feeling the pressure of having to get a BB.  Working the Mississauga market keeps me busy ...
      With only 2 months remaining in 2009....whew what a year!  The Mississauga Real Estate market has been witness to all of it.  The market was dead, advertising pulled in nothing, listings sat and Buyers were nowhere to be found.  Then the sun came out, or money started growing on trees again...
Hello everyone.  When it rains it pours and suddenly you can't do everything.  Here's my dilema.  There is a company in the U.S. called 1-800-SellNow.  They deal with MUST sell properties and investor/buyers.  They have a great program and a great Vanity number to promote.  I loved the idea and p...
1-800-SELL-NOW Opens First Canada Location.  Sell Your Toronto House NOW Paul Cutajar Has Secured Exclusive Licensing Rights To 1-800-SELL-NOW For Ontario, Canada FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 09, 2009 –  Canadian home sellers have a new number to call to sell their house NOW....

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