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I hear the debate all the time, and no I'm not talking about the Presidential debate - I'm referring to Twitter. Should we consider Twitter to be a marketing tool or is it just for people who have a lot of time on their hands and the need to jibber-jabber all day long? I will be honest, I was an ...
Social Media Marketing via Video When we talk about social media we immediately think of Facebook, Twitter and even Myspace, but often overlook the video option of YouTube. To help you understand the value of YouTube consider the following statistics: In March 2008 there were 78.3 million videos ...
I'm proof positive that Twitter is a great marketing tool for a home based business. There are 3 reasons why it's powerful to use Twitter for small business. It takes literally about 15 minutes daily and provides a steady stream of leads for my business. It costs nothing but time. Think of it thi...
Am I the only one who has noticed all the social media marketing experts that are appearing on a daily basis? It's almost as if that's become the job for those who have become unemployed, suddenly create a Twitter account and a Facebook account and you are now a social media marketing expert. It ...
We all used to think Facebook was for kids; I'm with you I used to think the same thing as well, but it's time to change our thinking. There are many companies using Facebook to market and seeing success in doing so. Consider the following statistics provided by O'Reilly Media. Between September ...
In recent weeks I met with a B2B company to discuss marketing options. The topic of community and social media came up and I was reminded of how difficult it has been for the B2B segment of businesses to grasp a hold of the power in social media when one business is marketing to another. The valu...
There are some that think "social media marketing" is just the latest buzz phrase in marketing, but the truth is it is a new venue that you can use to market and promote your products and services. Social media centers around interaction with colleagues, potential customers as well as current cus...

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