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Spring has sprung and color is all around us!  What a lift it gives to our spirits after the dreary winter days. Just as the colors of spring change our mood in nature, the color on walls change our mood in the interior of our living spaces. Color can evoke emotion-blue is calming while red can b...
Any of you who have seen the movie A FEW GOOD MEN will remember the scene where Tom Cruise is grilling Jack Nicholson on the witness stand.  Finally, out of frustration, Nicholson shouts, "You Want the Truth?  You can't HANDLE the truth! Well, many Realtors® feel that YOU can't "handle the truth"...
 It seems like the public-including REALTORS®, is experiencing a bad case of "Stage Fright".  As members of the Staging Industry, we all shake our heads and mutter, "They just don't get it."   But maybe WE are the ones who aren't "getting it".Did any of you catch the news clip the other day where...
A few days ago I visited a home on the market.  As you entered, there was a tent-sign (about 8 x 10") that asked that you "Please Remove Your Shoes".  This had nothing to do with culture or heritage; it was about the floors and carpeting.  It spurred some debate among friends, and I would like to...
I know this has been a topic before, but I'm having trouble uploading pictures for my comments.  The first time I tried, I was able to get my "before" picture to come up, but after that in the preview screen I only got the small box with the x.  When I right-clicked on that box and tried "show pi...
I need your help!  After two years of trying to explain the difference between a free proposal and a paid consultation, I guess I am still not making myself clear!  I have offered the analogy that a free proposal is similar to someone coming out to give you an estimate to build a fence and a cons...
Before I give my list, let me say that I am an ASP, and I plan to keep my designation current-I've always been modest, and "staging naked" just wouldn't come natural!  I also work with Kate Hart and pay her the same referral fee I give to any other stager who sends me a lead.  I am happy to do it...
 Yesterday was the official start of summer-but I'm ahead of the game--I've been feeling lazy for a couple of weeks now! This winter, especially around the Holidays, my expectations were for a slow down in the staging jobs.  Ironically, December was one of my busiest months!  The market remained ...

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