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Transitioning Military Personnel: What’s Your EXIT Strategy? By exitrealty / April 29, 2016   Some transitioning military personnel struggle to identify their transferable skills and then apply them to a lucrative and rewarding career.  Discipline, accountability, communication skills and leader...
Ed is a real estate agent who places a For Sale sign on Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s front lawn in a scene repeated by thousands of agents across North America every day.   But Ed’s sign is different. On Ed’s sign, potential buyers see a message prompting them to use the same satellite technology used by...
I’ve heard it said that most of your business in Real Estate can come from 25 people that surround you. If that is so, why don’t we just go find these 25 people and take them out for a drink, share our plan, and ask for their business? It is so easy to chase the next new thing in the business of ...
This is a piece aimed at owners and agents, with an emphasis on the importance of providing information. Information gathering and sharing is crucial in our industry; agents providing relevant information to their customers, owners to their agents, and the industry overall to the Realtor professi...
Relationship building is key to any business that involves P2P interaction. The internet has drastically reduced the ability for face to face interaction and replaced it with impersonal, electronic emoticons and misinterpreted written tones. Any business that survives based on doing deals belly-t...
As we slide into the 3rd quarter of 2013 you should know by know by now the year is half over. The good news is that you can position yourself to stay disciplined and finish strong. Build listing inventory, re-evaluate your first 6 months of this year, and look toward upcoming events. The secrets...
What if adding public speaking to your skillset could double your income? Would you invest the time to become a specialist, where people actually ask you to come and speak to their people? They claim that he or she that speaks…leads. If this is the case, why do so many have a fear of speaking? It...
Please allow me to ask you a question…why do you work where you do? No really, what significant detail or one thing can you say attracted you to and makes you stay where you are? You see, everyone has stuff to some degree…tools, training, technology or some value-add component that keeps you weld...
EXIT Tools for Success                                             Craig Witt President - North Central U.S. Division (231) 218-0533  
I want you to pretend you are in small town USA, and you just purchased a quaint little boutique retail space in a pedestrian-friendly village. You are embarking on a new business, one that is quickly being replaced by the Nook, the Kindle and the Ipad…or is it. Your dream of opening a destinatio...

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