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Have you ever felt like you would rather go to the dentist then take the time to make follow up phone calls? Why is that? I hear this a lot from the different people I coach throughout North America. Jim Good was a noted expert in telephone follow up, and he would call this "Black Cord Fever". T...
Does it interest you to make more real estate commissions on your sales? Dumb question isn’t it? Of course you do. That’s one of the reasons you seek out information on real estate training, and why you’re reading this article right now. You obviously understand that giving greater value to your ...
How many of you watched Nik Wallenda’s historic tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon during the summer? With no net. With no tether. Casually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, this 34 year old performer significantly upped the ante on dare-devil feats, fulfilling a lifelong dream to cross the can...
Michael Gerber once said, "becoming an expert at what you do is NOT the path to freedom. The path to freedom is becoming an expert at the things you don't do." There is much hidden wisdom in this statement. You see, as much as you all know that the way you were operating before was exhausting and...
All of us have faced commission objections during a listing presentation, and this is a real Achilles’ Heel for our industry. Cutting commission is the only tool many average agents have to resort to when they run up against prospect objections. The overarching sentiment I want you to understand ...
When I look through any real estate publication (on or off line), it’s clear that many agents are still confused about the right way to write a property description. It sounds basic, right? How hard can this really be? Well, the mistake I see agents making is in thinking the focus of the ad shoul...
I’ve worked with thousands of agents over the last twenty years and thought I’d share some excellent questions from some of them about working with Sellers. As with many things in life, there aren’t really hundreds of problems for any given activity. Most agents share the same few challenges, so ...
I have a great listing presentation that I used in my own business that virtually guaranteed that I’d win the listing once I was face-to-face with my seller prospect, but there were a couple of systematic steps I’d take before I actually even met the seller that made a big difference in my busine...
The marketing I teach agents is designed to elicit a direct response from their prospects. When agents following my system place a property ad, instead of listing the agent’s cell phone or office phone for more information (meaning the prospect will have to jump the hurdle of speaking with an age...
I get a lot of agents asking me how they can set themselves apart from every other agent in their marketplace when trying to convert FSBOs. Agents ask me what they can say to a FSBO that will be more compelling and convincing than what their competitors are saying. Simply by asking me this questi...

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