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Craig's Classroom Blog is a series of short technology articles for Real Estate Professionals. You will learn how to work with and improve on your online points of presence. Craig teaches about practical technology usage that you will find useful in your daily workflow.
I know you are on Facebook. That's a given. Would you post different types of things if you knew it wasn't going to go out to ALL of your 150 friends (that is if you are a typical candidate of Dunbar's Number). Quite likely you may have "friended" quite a few more that that! Facebook though is a ...
Making comments in ActiveRain is very much part of our routine. Yes we do get points for the comments (called incentive) but the comments are integral to what makes AR so interesting. If you've ever blogged "on the outside" you know what it's like to work hard on a post and then the crickets chi...
post updated 4/3/11 - the 2 week challenge is now over - 124 group members - 44 entries in the "pick three" challenge - 91 persons selected I have updated the wall of faces to all 91 along with the spreadsheet to see everybody who entered and who they picked. Thank you everybody who entered the ...
post update - 4/3/11Well, the 2 week challenge is now over. Thank you all for joining the group and to those who joined the challenge! We had 44 entries and 91 different persons selected. You can see the Gold Stars - Your Selections post to see a big “wall of faces” of those who got gold stars. ...
Now we've got some good momentum in video! (if you haven't been watching this Video Series, you can use that link to go back... also if you have even the slightest interest in video or seeing what others are doing, please join our VBloggers group). After watching lots of videos lately, I see som...
Let's take our video series posts now onto the topic of transitions. When you are in a video editing app (e.g. Windows Live Movie Maker, iMovie, or other similar app), you have the option of how one clip leads into the next one. If you do nothing at all, it will be a straight cut, in the blink o...
Funny how sometimes things come in waves. I had been reading recently about Google doing automated transcriptions of YouTube files... Then I got an email from a subscriber asking me for info on captioning a video for hearing impaired... then just this week Brad Andersohn mentioned captioning in ...
Before we go too much further with video editing tasks, let's talk today about getting your video project set up properly. I want to cover a few concepts that will be helpful to consider. This is part 5 in the Video Class Series and that link will let you go back and catch up if you missed the p...
Are you ready to continue on in our Video Series classes? In my previous articles (you can go back via that link), I have mentioned that it is not required that you use video editing software before you post a video. For instance, you could record a single continuous clip and post it - simple. H...
I haven't done screencasts in a while, but I've wanted to get back into doing them. Here is a question that came up today in an email, so I thought I'd do a class in screencast format to demonstrate some of the points instead of just writing about them. What are some of the ways you can size a p...

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