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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.
Most of our marketing efforts as an industry have been a series of trial and error decisions, made on a reactionary basis at the hands of a professional salesperson trying to extol the benefits of their wares.  It has had very little root in systematic evaluation or factual data.  We have been so...
In any sales game you have to develop thick skin.  It is a necessary skill for those who want to weather the storms and achieve success.  But there is another side that those who are masters of their craft have developed.  Yes, you do need to develop thick skin, but you need to couple it with a s...
  Developing Your B2B Group       Imagine a marketing program that would net you 2 closed transactions per person in your database. How about a program that would allow you to average a sale for every $25 you spend in advertising or marketing? Do you want to discover the secret to leveraging you...
"Fortunes are made outside of the 9-5" I talk a lot about balance.  Balance at work, balance at home.  Life is much bettter all the way around if we keep boundaries and have strict standards.  Mainly because I work with the super producers who are in risk of losing what they love most because of ...
Last night, I may have discovered that I am a little on the stupid side.  Seriously.  I know that may not come to a "blinding flash of the obvious" to those that subscribe to my humble blog, but until yesterday I thought I understood our crazy and dysfunctional industry.   Just like your drunk un...
Every once and a while I get something that is just too good not to share. Dean is a fellow Master's Program Graduate and is the CEO of one of the finest Ad agencies I've ever been exposed to. I received this article last week from him and thought it dovetailed into the branding series I just wra...
I don't usually spend much time talking about me or what we are doing here at Mastery Coaching. As a coach, I am very well aware that you inherantly care more about you and what you are doing. But every once and a while I need to slip a little shamless plug in. Since you all represent the best a...
Blogging for Business       One of the current paradoxes in real estate is that over 80% of our clients start their journey on-line. Yet, as an industry very little of our business can be attributed to our web presence. In fact, truth be known, most of us have no idea who visits our site and why...
Attitude is one of the most fundamental keys to success in the real estate world.   It will outperform longer hours, higher IQ's and superior credentials.  It is free and simple to develop and maximize for almost unlimited return in revenue and commissions.  Although it is simple, it is not neces...
Tired of marketing like a maniac but not getting any clients?  Beef up your referral systems, and soon you'll have all the clients you want. Here are ten secrets of building a referral machine that builds your real estate business: 1. Network, network, network.  And when I say network, I don't me...

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Consulting for Luxury Teams and Brokerages
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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.