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Do you struggle with names?  This has personally plagued me for years and is a constant struggle in a people business where we meet new potential clients on a daily basis.  However, I also know that there is no quicker way to impress someone than to remember their name, especially after a long ti...
When I see a high performance agent or team hit the skids or slide sideways in business, it is almost always a problem on the personal level.  One of the reoccurring issues is a tap root of bitterness that is held.  In order to break free and get back on track we need to pause the business coachi...
Did you know that you can subscribe to our Audio Podcast and get our weekly downloads delivered to your iPod or new iPhone?  You can stay ahead of the curve and not have to chase down the weekly download links.  If you want to subscribe for free just click the links below.   Mastery Coaching Audi...
"In life, you are either moving in the direction you want to go or someone is moving you in a direction they want you to go." Who do you let make or influence your decisions?  Really, who has access to that area of your life?  Is it a spouse, a manager, a coach, or do you regulate that all import...
I was asked by a friend to "pinch-hit" for his Motivational Monday email, so I dug through my old files and found one of the "e-farming" emails I had sent out to my database back in, get this, Sept. 1999.  It's a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" type of story but thought I'd post it here because it is...
I had two really good agents enter into an extended slump.  Not all that uncommon over the last couple of years.  After talking to them at some length I discovered they were spending way to much time in their cushy home offices.  So I took them away - not literally of course, but figuratively.  I...
I am asked from time to time why some do so well in this business and some, well, don't. There are more than a handful of "secrets" but there are very few that are more important that mastering your relatioanl skills. In fact, there is nothing in this world that pays better, in every realm of lif...
I usually don't share our Best Practices interviews outside of the walls of our coaching membership, but Robin is too great not to share.  We are featuring her this month because of her obsession with client service and how it translates into her business.  If you listen you may even find out how...
  Laws of Marketing       This eye-opening webinar will save you tens of thousands of dollars in your marketing budget! Learn the secrets the top marketing professionals know about how to position your business in line with today's consumer centric market. Chris Pollinger will uncover the 22 Law...
I have heard at least 100 times that in today's market, agents aren't struggling with getting their base rate commission.  Yet, MSNBC and Consumer reports just published the following story - Home sellers can haggle over commissions - Consumer Reports study showed 71 percent who bargained got low...

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Consulting for Luxury Teams and Brokerages
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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.