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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.
Tool of the Week - Clean Sweep Program You have more natural energy when your environment, health and emotional balance, money, and relationships are all operating at a high level. The Clean Sweep program consists of 100 items that, when completed, give you the vitality and strength you want. The...
Can we be real? I got an interesting email from an agent this week.  No, she's not a client, just someone who had heard that I might be able to help her with a problem she was having.  Someone had taken the time to register a URL, build a website with enough SEO savvy to get top Google ranking th...
How to Raise Your Standards until You Are Inspired By Them These are the strategies to keep my tolerations at bay. You'll want to adapt these to fit for your personality and situation, of course, and add new ones that work best for you. But, it's a place to begin your thinking. Outsource your pro...
Here's a tidbit worth it's weight in gold by a good friend who is also a very smart Investment Advisor. The First Step is Always the Sameby Mark Rembert, CEO, Reap Investments, LLC When it comes to achieving your financial goals the first step is always same.  No matter where you are on the finan...
Tool of the Week - Class Act Program One of the highest compliments an individual can receive is to be called a person of character-a class act. This program is designed to help you understand where you are along this path and to give you ideas for areas worth developing. The Class Act 100 progra...
More and more we as an industry have distilled ourselves into the lowest common denominator. You see it on the plethora of real estate agent's websites - "we work with buyers and sellers, investors, renters, those thinking about any of the above now or might be thinking about any of them in the f...
We just did a composite of our mastery coaching clients through our proprietary business analysis tool which we do annually to track our client's business (and our success or failure as coaches).  We found in the last 12 months that the average client that had a "prospecting focus" (they spend 10...
Warning - This post will offend most. "In a sea of other REALTOR® faces, what do you do to stand out?"  I've asked this question countless times to agents across the country and I am constantly astonished with the answers I get.  Some reply that they give great service, some always wear a hat, so...
My post yesterday entitled "The Best Kiss Off Letter to a Client" showed exactly why blogs work and why Active Rain is the best blogging platform for the real estate community.  Seriously, it was a great experiment and study of the dynamics of Web 2.0 and the community here on Active Rain.  For w...
We all struggle with disappointment and frustration from time to time.  Some of us rant and yell, some grow quiet in our depression and some handle themselves with the utmost in professionalism.  I got this from my friend and premier agent in the Scottsdale area, Dennis Rosvall last night and tho...

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Consulting for Luxury Teams and Brokerages
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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.