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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.
Are you committed to really knowing your trade?  Do you know what your customer is thinking?  Do you know your Inventory?  Do you know how many units are closing a month in your service area?  Do you know what to do this next year to create a predictable and sustainable stream of revenue?  Most a...
I don't usually post things that are purely inspirational or non original. But every once in a while something comes along that touches me in a special way, or illistrated a core theme that I believe in or teach, or is something that is just to good not to share. The following video clip is a sto...
There is no quicker way to disaster than to lose site of an internal compass.   If your business is based on simply generating revenue and you are driven solely by the next deal you are a wreck (and lawsuit) waiting to happen.  If I were to look at your business, how you operate, what you market ...
If you haven't read the book Made To Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath yet you should plan on picking it up today on your way home.  It is a great primer on how to generate buzz, convey ideas that last and how to maximize your advertising and marketing dollars.  One of the villains they talk abou...
I came across an interesting article that talked about how to write ads that work.  It talked about how in 1999 an Israeli research team studied the effectiveness of advertisements, they found that all the best ads (measured by people remembering them or them causing people to take action and do ...
I came across this video today that really is an amazing 30 minutes on personal branding, social networking and internet marketing from Gary Vaynerchuck from the Inman conference.   Hope you enjoy!        Carpe diem,   You can also click on one of the following links to have the mastery coaching ...
I'll admit it. After reading a story in Wired 2.0 about how blogging is quickly becoming a professional's game, I've become hooked on the whole notion of leveraging social networks like Facebook and Twitter for business purposes. I somehow missed out the whole MySpace craze (thankfully, visiting ...
Networking is a great way to get your business and your name known, find new potential strategic partners, and to surface some prospects. But networking isn't just about finding prospects. You know that, and I know that. Pretty much everyone in business knows that, right? Wrong. I was at a busine...
So you emailed me, and waited patiently for me to reply, but I didn't.  Hours went by, then days, and finally more than a week (or a month) had passed, and you were still waiting for some sign that I had received, read, or at least noticed your message. But, no such luck.  No response, no reactio...
Promise Little, But Deliver Everything When you promise less than clients or recipients are asking for and reduce their expectations, you have room to maneuver and the freedom to deliver something different (not just more) than perhaps either you or the client was expecting. You can create and in...

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Consulting for Luxury Teams and Brokerages
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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.