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Quantity and Consistency leads to Quality.  It is very difficult to do anything with enough consistency and repetition that you don't develop some amount of proficiency over the course of a few months.  Most of us fall guilty of not sticking with something long enough to see it through.  I truly ...
Most people try and overwhelm people with logic and reason to make the sale or get the phone to ring.  Successful marketing and sales isn't about either.  It's not about the charts, graphs, the spreadsheets - they are all great for support, but none have ever made the sale or motivated anyone to ...
Simple.  Anyone who desires to accomplish the ambitions, goals, and desires of their heart in an effective and efficient manner while staying true to their values, strengths, and personal integrity.  Obviously, this hope is common to all of us, but hope is not a strategy.  All of us have dreams, ...
There are good clients and there are bad clients. "Bad" clients take time, energy and focus away from your ideal clients - those you connect with, respect your time and experience. I'm not saying "bad" clients are "bad" people, I'm simply saying that they aren't the best clients for you to [Read ...
If  you could cut 80% of your marketing budget and accurately increasing your return on investment 235% by predicting  almost half of the sales in a particular area would you be interested?  For those who are slightly more savvy, you could even multiply your market reach  by 5x and use the same ...
I remember being told years ago by a mentor that the financial balance one has in their bank account is a reflection of their self-esteem.  Ouch.  At the time, I was making ok money.  I knew within a dollar how much was in my account (more often than not, because it was less than the $20 minimum ...
"Procrastination is failure on the installment plan."   Why do we all seem to struggle with putting off the very things we know we should be doing, but don't want to do?  Most of the time they are the very things that are the most important things we could be doing, those activities and tasks tha...
Every once and a while I get something that is just too good not to share. Dean is a fellow Master's Program Graduate and is the CEO of one of the finest Ad agencies I've ever been exposed to. I received this article last week from him and thought it dovetailed into the branding series I wrapped ...
"Some people change jobs, mates, and friends, but never think of changing themselves." Sometimes the only common denominator in a series of failures is us.  We as a society tend to point fingers and blame others instead of taking responsibility, the irony is that responsibility is the first step...
Do you struggle with names?  This has personally plagued me for years and is a constant struggle in a people business where we meet new potential clients on a daily basis.  However, I also know that there is no quicker way to impress someone than to remember their name, especially after a long ti...

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Consulting for Luxury Teams and Brokerages
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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.