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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.
  Web Check-Up       In the old days - the corner "bricks and mortar" location was a huge advantage in building your real estate business. Today, the bricks of yesteryear are being traded for clicks in today's virtual business environment. Chris Pollinger will be doing a web-check up to talk abo...
        Public Relations 101             Thursday, June 19, 2008   9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PDT             Join us for a Webinar on June 19   Public relations is a strategic marketing discipline that involves equal doses of creativity, persistence, substance and cooperation to influence members of the ...
Sell the skills you have, not your service.  I see so many agents convey the great services they offer; only they fail to recognize most agents offer the same service.  Rather than sell your services, try selling "your skills."  In an industry where being unique is very difficult, sometimes expen...
"Learn to say ‘No' to the good so you can say ‘Yes' to the best"   Remember Nancy Regan's "Just say no" campaign that ran in the 90's? It seems her advice is as relevant to the agenda items that want to crowd your schedule as to drugs.  We are faced with an unending and on-going influx of decisio...
"Some people change jobs, mates, and friends, but never think of changing themselves." Sometimes the only common denominator in a series of failures is us.  We as a society tend to point fingers and blame others instead of taking responsibility, the irony is that responsibility is the first step...
"If you see a snake, just kill it.  Don't appoint a committee on snakes." - H. Ross Perot   When running the broker side of the desk, you are sometimes called on to make difficult decisions.  As a broker/manager/owner you are responsible for office culture, casting vision and most importantly, p...
"Fortunes are made outside of the 9-5" I talk a lot about balance.  Balance at work, balance at home.  Keeping boundaries and having strict standards.  Mainly because I work with the super producers who are in risk of losing what they love most because of their insane lifestyles.  As much as I t...
"I don't care where you've been, I care where you are going." I don't look at someone's resume when I hire people.  It's not that it doesn't matter, nor do I appreciate the effort and time that went into stretching the truth for my benefit or the quality of the paper to dress up the little propag...
Hope is a very powerful thing. In fact, I'm not sure there are many things that can trump it. I have read stories from those that suffered great atrocities at the hands of captors in POW or concentration camps and the reason one person made it and another succumbed was a matter of hope. Hope that...
I've had one of those weeks - you know the type of weeks, one that is filled with more promise than delvery. One where the mountains seem just a bit larger than normal. One where the clouds of life seem to be closing in just a little faster than you can drive to saftey. We all have those weeks (...

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Consulting for Luxury Teams and Brokerages
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Leadership, Strategic and Business Coaching for Real Estate's Elite.