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I am sharing this because I think it is time. I saw this presentation in person and it is great. There are many ways to analyze the performance of a real estate investment.  Cap Rates, Gross Rent Multipliers, Cash on Cash and many other performance metrics can be used by investors to determine th...
In August of 2007, I posted an article about this. I went back today and re-read it. It's funny how views change (even my own) over time, isn't it? At that time, we had only had a handful of the properties we manage go into default. We would "play it by ear" on whether or not to cancel with the o...
So, I know it has been a long time since I have done an update. I sincerely apologize. The last few months have been very exciting. I will try to do a "catch-up" update. Several significant one-time and ongoing occurences have taken place recently that are significantly impacting the rental marke...
BELOW IS A COPY OF A MARKET UPDATE I RECENTLY SENT TO OUR CLIENTS:  Dear Client,             In response to a recent survey of 75 clients, I am going to give quarterly updates on the state of the residential resale and residential rental markets in Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas. These u...
KIVA.ORG is a great way to give. They have combined the elements of prosper.com with microfinance. I am so excited about finding this website. After I decided to write a post about it, I did a quick search in AR to see if anyone else was posting about it. There was one guy. ART BLANCHET. He has w...
The current collapse of the residential home loan industry is having a HUGE effect on the residential rental market in Santa Clarita, California.I imagine that it is having the same effect in many parts of the country, but I am going to focus on the Santa Clarita Valley. The current state of the ...
I DON'T REMEMBER HOW OLD I WAS WHEN I WAS INTRODUCED TO THESE MAGIC BEANS. But, I do know that I cannot survive one day without them. These little beans have some mysterious quality that enables me. I feel more powerful after I have them. My relationship with them is like a sick kind of co-depend...
I JOINED PROSPER.COM SEVERAL MONTHS AGO. I first read about it in Fast Company Magazine. After I read the article, I went to the website and poked around. I was very intrigued. It is a "peer-to-peer" lending website. One magazine described it as "banking meets e-bay". You can join as a "lender" o...
THIS POST IS AN ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THE AGE OLD QUESTION: "SHOULD I BUY?" Of course, we are talking about real estate. I was first introduced to a concept called Dollar Cost Averaging when I was just a wee lad learning whether to buy stocks. It was taught to me by a financial planner who also taugh...
OK, I HAVE REFRAINED FROM WRITING THIS POST, BUT I CAN'T HOLD OUT ANY LONGER. I am a huge Deadliest Catch fan. I have seen every episode, every After the Catch episode, and the Special: Behind the Scenes. I have visited the F/V Northwestern website, the Rollo website, and the Cornelia Marie websi...

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