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Now quench the drought of melodyWith babbling, gurgling harmony,And hearken to the ancient chorusPerformed each day and set before us!  (R Weisser 2014) It seems that everything is changing rapidly these days. Our immersion in technology infiltrates every facet of our existence. But there are thi...
Nearly all of our amazing modern technology is based on the most rudimentary premise imaginable: A switch is either “on” or “off” An electrical pulse is either present or not. The status of the charge is generally assigned a value. No charge is a “zero.” If a pulse is present it is a “one.” Engin...
I know that I am overstating the obvious but contemporary norm is business on a batter. Smartphone, tablets, notebooks, Bluetooth devices and a plethora of fully charged gizmos keep us going without regard to proximity. As a matter of fact I am writing this post sitting at the dealership waiting ...
We said goodbye to our little Tuxedo Lemieux this morning. She was named after the famous Pittsburgh Penguins hockey center and because phonetically  “Le Mew” is a pretty cool name for a cat. Lemieux was diagnosed with injection site sarcoma as the result of a rabies shot a few years ago. She had...
When I first came across a teaser blog on the ActiveRain feature board my initial gut reaction was not positive. After all, I clicked on the post to get the information, and after having my appetite whetted I was directed to another site to read the complete article. But in hindsight, my negative...
The choice of renting versus buying a home is one that many consider when seeking housing. And there is no across the board right or wrong answer. Because there are many factors that should be considered when making an informed housing decisions. These commonly include the duration of residency, ...
There was a time when the Internet was a level playing field. Part of the appeal of the “World Wide Web” was that anyone could compete head to head with the biggest conglomerates in the “Wide World!” But then the Internet bullies moved in and the little gals and guys on the field didn’t stand a c...
“Congress shall make no law respecting … freedom of speech, or of the press” Does the First Amendment of the Constitution apply to blogging? While technically a blogger is a journalist and there are constitutional protections, these fundamental rights do not give a blogger blanket immunity from c...
HUD recently announced that it will no longer provide copies of the HUD ordered appraisal to buyers of HUD owned properties that are under contract. That also means that repair escrow items will no longer be identified. The new HUD requirement requires ALL buyers to have their own appraisals perf...
Adeste swirling shrouds of lace,And swathe in cobalt velvet graceEach crest awash in Heaven’s dewEach trough collects the residueDispatched at once to distant places,To splash o’er craggy, staircased traces,As tonic courses through the veinsSo too comes life from mountain rains!                (R...

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