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I am suggesting that the AgentMatch feature on Realtor.Com possibly could be in violation of  the REALTOR Code of Ethics: Article 15 REALTORS® shall not knowingly or recklessly make false or misleading statements about other real estate professionals, their businesses, or their business practices...
Over the last decade or so I have observed a paradigm shift in the real estate business/ The real estate business is no longer primarily focused on the purchase and sale of real estate. Instead, it is focused on the sale and repackaging of real estate data and its resale back to the brokers that ...
There are numbers crunchers out there that say it is more cost effective to lease than to buy a primary real estate residence. What surprises me about these calculations is that they rarely take into consideration two major factors: First, that rent can be raised by ANY amount upon expiration of ...
If one were to attempt to apply rational thought to an almost incomprehensible concept for any prolonged period of time, the need for analgesic relief is nearly a certainty. The general consensus among both scientists and philosophers is that the universe is not only unimaginably large, but it is...
What is your favorite holiday Song or Christmas Carol? First to clarify, a carol generally refers to a religious hymn referencing the Nativity while a song is usually of a more secular nature. And so I will offer two answers, one for my favorite Christmas songs and one for my favorite Christmas ...
The holidays are officially here and the whirlwind of countless parties, binge shopping, and forgoing any semblance of dietary moderation is spinning us around in circles! But somewhere in the midst of the maelstrom the banalities of normality must be addressed with the same vigor as any other ti...
It seems that more and more stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day this year. Many are hoping to take advantage of the Black Friday madness by extending sales over a two day period. And while I feel that businesses have the right to open or close whenever they wish, I feel that this strategy is ...
It’s a pretty straight-forward question if you own your home free and clear. You get a property tax bill and you pay it just like any other bill that is dues. But many homeowners have a mortgage on their houses that collect monthly amounts for taxes that are held in an escrow account to pay the t...
Yesterday my friend and I played and sang at two different retirement centers, one before lunch and one after. Someone later asked me why I gave up my Saturdays for community service. The reason is simple. I get as much or more out of the experience than the audience does. They clap and sing alon...
Well guess what! “Next year” is here. And although I’ve had eleven months to put my holiday plans into motion I have somehow managed to put it all on the back burner. That is until now. I figure that I have about a week to realize my lofty holiday ambitions before it is “too late” to make them wo...

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