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We often have complaints from our clients who are in the process of getting a loan about the incessant demands for documentation from their mortgage company. Likewise we hear the same rumblings from loan officers about borrowers that resist every plea for additional paperwork. As a real estate br...
Martin Luther King Day is unique in the roll of national holidays. It’s not a day of celebration as much as it is a day of remembrance and reflection, and a time to assess our current dedication to the tenet of civil rights. We are not talking about ancient history. The Civil Rights Movement occu...
O’ take me to that sheltered coveAlee from blustered Arctic’s howl,To pause by red-eyed embers glowTo thaw the bone-chilled weary soul.                       (R Weisser 2012) The real estate profession is very time-demanding. Time that is not spent helping clients is usually relegated to finding ...
As a result of readily accessible information about property listings, many buyers like to search listings based on one criteria: PRICE And we do have many value-priced properties for sale in Coweta County Georgia. And buyers want to see all of these properties in hopes of finding the “perfect” c...
Take the rose from the withered field-worn handThat neither drought, nor tempest daunted from the landThe servant's toils are tempered by a deep rooted faithIn troth, and passion, and loving grace.                            (R Weisser 2012) Sometimes even the most well-intentioned overtures can ...
Stealth can be very useful under some circumstances. Selling real estate is not one of them. The real estate “Secret Agent” may be highly skilled and knowledgeable, but may have lost sight of the ultimate mission which is to engage as many potential clients as possible. In the real estate marketi...
There is a natural human tendency to “den” during the Winter months. Thousands of years of agrarian programming has instilled natural rhythms in our biology that coincide with the seasonal changes in both daylight hours and climate. Overcoming these instinctive traits requires proactive intervent...
Is it time for a moratorium on foreclosures? It’s an idea that rears up from time to time, and there are plenty of opinions on both sides of the debate. And although I believe that a total moratorium on foreclosures would have a very positive short-term effect, I believe that the long-term effect...
Four or five times a week, I get asked by a potential homebuyer if this is a good time to purchase real estate. But before I answer the question, I ask one of my own: “Why are you considering a purchase?” Because there are as many answers to that question as there are houses for sale. And knowing...
Glass hoarfrost caps the purple crestsOf mountains robed in Winter’s dressFrames line the vale in austere graceThrough eye, and mind, to soul embrace.          (R Weisser 2012)  As a photographer, I have often espoused the theory that an image must stand on it’s own to have artistic merit. But in...

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