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I have NEVER considered my life to be my work. Rather, work is an obstacle standing in the way of me doing what I really want to do. There are a million other productive things I would rather be doing. I have books to finish authoring, hypotheses to prove, inventions to perfect, art to create an...
  It is human nature to become defensive when provoked. There are many times when someone does something that irritates, annoys, or devolves to the point of making us angry. And often our response to being rebuked is to fire back.This can escalate into an adversarial posture that is beyond reconc...
Digital photography is an interesting medium. The camera’s sensors react to light in a very precise and predictable manner, and the internal programs can automatically produce a decent image. In many cases, all that is left for the photographer to do is to see the shot and take it! As a nature e...
Mingus Mill is one of the many historic structures preserved and maintained in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In the Nineteenth Century, the center of industry in rural America was the grist mill. These marvels of physics harvested natural forces, usually water, to convert grain to usa...
Where once fierce tongues set ridge aflame,Extinguished, yet few embers glow,The fuel consumed, from bough unchainedNow ashes for the winds to blow. C Richard Weisser 2010 It’s still early November, but the current cold snap has turned thoughts to Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season. Wh...
Last night I stripped the fruit from all of my pepper plants. The weather report indicated a hard freeze was imminent. So the choice was to either get out in the cold and harvest the peppers regardless of maturity, or lose them altogether. There are times in life when you are faced with a choice...
  There is plenty of finger pointing when it comes to the question of responsibility for the current housing crisis. And there is plenty of blame to go around. But rarely is anything said about the decline in market values and the loss of equity that is the direct result of lack of maintenance or...
This is not a political post. It is not about who is right and who is wrong, nor who won or who lost. It is about the power of the electorate to affect the direction of the government every two years. Every voter has the ability to hold their representatives accountable based on ANY standard the...
  Proposed Federal regulations would limit the dollar amount of losses that a casino player would be required to pay in the event of excessive losses. The legislation is in response to the ever growing number of casinos in the United States. In most cases involving substantial loss, the gambling ...

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