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  It is an extreme solution to an endemic problem. There are just too many houses for sale and not enough qualified purchasers to buy them. Of course, nobody can force anyone to dispose of their property in this manner, but there is a time when razing a house may be the most cost-effective method...
Time is money. One of the oldest marketing techniques involves creating an overwhelming sense of urgency that compels fence sitting consumers to take immediate action. The “If you snooze you lose” mindset of deadlines and incentives is intended to foment a frenzy of furious activity. But is a re...
In Coweta County and Newnan Georgia, the supply of available REO properties is currently exceeding the demand of qualified buyers. As a result, the institutional seller’s dictatorial attitude toward contract negotiation is eroding with each new competing property on the market. Buyers can now no...
Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia is world famous for its amazing collection of Spring-blooming azaleas and rhododendrons. Flower lovers from around the world converge at the gardens every Spring for the showy display. What many horticulture enthusiasts may NOT know is that Callaway Gard...
  As the year 2010 winds down, and we begin to set goals for the upcoming new year, the realization sets in that this process is a lot more complicated than it used to be. The real estate business is a lot more unpredictable than in years past, and so it is human nature to expect less from both a...
One of the best incentives for buying a HUD home in Newnan Georgia is the low down payment requirement for qualifying owner occupants. Many buyers with good credit, steady employment, and satisfactory debt/income ratios may qualify to obtain an FHA 203B loan with as little as $100 down. Combined...
  I am often very surprised to hear a real estate agent say that they are not very creative. After all, real estate is a marketing business and separation marketing depends on the ability to cogitate unique ideas. Although creativity is unique to the individual  and percolates from deep within th...
Most economists agree that the key to recovery is the creation of new jobs. Employment is the engine that propels growth in American. And there are many small businesses in this country that would love to create some employment opportunities but choose to not do so. And it isn’t a matter of mone...
The Newnan Times-Herald reported today that for the first time the number of foreclosures advertised in the legal section of the paper surpassed three hundred for the first time ever, Georgia is a non-judicial state. Once a borrower defaults, the holder of the security deed merely has to notify ...
November 11 is that day that we set aside to honor our active duty and surviving veterans from all wars. The date is not insignificant. On the “eleventh day of the eleventh month” the Treaty of Versailles was ratified, ending the hostilities of World War I. The commemoration of “Armistice Day” m...

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