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  Every local real estate market around the country is unique. The old mantra of “location, location, and location” still rings true, as the laws of supply and demand determine the value a seller can set for the sale of real property. And while the sellers of the product may fully aware of the ap...
Fall leaves are fleeting. The hues and colors build to a peak but just like the finale of a fireworks display, they are gone in a flash. And if you miss the show, you are too late. And there’s not a thing that you can do about it. We are all guilty of putting things off until it is too late, bot...
  We often talk about the equity that we have in real estate that we own. We may even calculate a number based on the projected market value of the real estate minus the amount of outstanding mortgages. The problem is that the result is only a theory, based on what a seller MIGHT get if the home ...
Lately, we have been seeing more dead deals come back to life. It’s the result of a combination of factors. For one thing, loans take a little longer to obtain and the documentation process is very complex. It is not unusual for an underwriter to deny a loan at the last minute for an issue that ...
Unlike three or four years ago, a lot of homebuyers in the Newnan Georgia area are not look for the “most house they can buy. Instead of seeking large homes with all the bells and whistles in the most expensive neighborhoods, many buyers are seeking a serviceable home that can be purchased outri...
  There is a little white church in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is not easy to find. It requires driving to a remote area of the park and then a two mile hike to get there. But when one arrives at the Little Cataloochee Church, one is immediately transported to a simpler time that...
  Although everyone in the real estate business has experienced this type of inquiry, it seems a bit more prevalent these days than during all of my previous years of selling homes. A lot of it is due to the availability of listing information on the Internet. A prospective purchaser discovers a ...
  If there is one downside to the exponential growth of technology, it is the fact that many devices that we purchase for our business today will become obsolete in two or three years. Computers, software, digital cameras and phones the are the latest and greatest today, will be relegated to the ...
We are all very busy, and there are times when tunnel vision blinds us to what is happening in our most frequented surroundings. When I was driving to the office this morning, I happened by this fountain which was gushing forth spouts of white water which were contrasted by the fall leaves in th...
  In a rather fleeting attempt to keep my wits sharp, I solve Sudoku puzzles during my quiet time. And since I have been doing this for several years, only the highest level of difficulty presents a significant test. To add to the challenge, I never use any chit marks and do the puzzles in ink. S...

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