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I love this! I have noticed something  from my perch here in North Seattle in regards the historic election of our new president, Barack Obabma, and that is this: Even people that don't necessarily agree with his politics, they seem to want to give him a chance and even more, the actually seem to...
Effective January 31st, 2009: WAC 308-124C-050 Home inspector referrals. "Each licensed designated broker will establish a written office policy that includes a procedure for referring home inspectors to buyers or sellers. The policy will address the consumer's right to freely pick a home inspect...
I just love it!  Need a secret hostess to help your events along?  Here you go! I can personally vouch for how great Molly is and wanted to share this great service for Seattle!  She does behind the scenes party stuff so that your event can go of...
Phinney Ridge real estate & Green Lake real estate are two of my favorite things,but right now especially there are some pretty interesting properties out there.  The interest rates are still quite low even as they leap and fall between the mid to upper 4% range and mid 5% range.  I don't remembe...
I wanted to recap some of my experiences so far with the Growth Leader program by Market Leader because it is actually working. I have a Growth Leader client under contract now and all signs point to a successful close (knock on wood). It is amazing that when I put all of the things I have learne...
There are always a few bad eggs to screw everything up... I am so pleased to be working in Seattle real estate and to be able to run into Seattle Realtors that are truly amazing, but every once in a while I run into a few that I am surprised are in this business. It is upsetting to me that there ...
This is a wonderful piece with Zillow's COO Spencer:)I was on ABC News with the Charles McMillan, President of NAR yesterday. Enjoy... Nothing too earth-shattering, but good to share the screen with an esteemed Realtor like Charles.   Real estate video of ABC News here.  
Seattle real estate - Geez Louis! I drove 350-something miles since Friday showing houses to four different Seattle real estate area buyers.  I showed houses all morning, all day, and until the clock on the key boxes wouldn't let me open any more doors.  I had to coordinate tours, keep time, ans...
South Lake Union gets the first part of its crown!   (postcard used with permission of Todd Burley at Seattle Parks Foundation) Lake Union Park 860 Terry Avenue North in Seattle Over a hundred years ago the Olmsted Brothers put into place a plan for Seattle and its parks - this landscape design f...
Lake Forest Park Cell Phone Recycling Lake Forest Park residents:  Looking to recycle your old cell phone for a good cause? Cooper Jacobs Real Estate is running a cell phone drive right now to benefit schools - please get a hold of Courtney Cooper if you have any cell phones you would like to don...


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