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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
You've probably read articles advising you to pay attention to what the top agents in your marketplace are doing, then copy them. In some ways, that's good advice - although no one should aspire to merely be a clone!This morning's email from offered a twist on that ...
The price of eggs has all kinds of people in a fuss. Inflation has made everything cost more than we think it should, but eggs have outpaced the rest.Yesterday at our local store, an 18-pack was $5.59. That comes to about 31 cents per egg. A candy bar was $1.39 - about 4 times the cost of an egg....
Someone wrote a book saying that everything that was important to know we learned in kindergarten. The book was mostly about having good manners, such as saying please and thank you, as I recall. So of course he and all of us should have learned it long before kindergarten, but that's irrelevant....
I broke my wrist but still need to work. Typing one-handed is a bit awful.I can't get voice recognition to work properly.The words are coming out mostly wrong and when I say "correct" something it types that!Anyone have some good advice? 
Not long ago on Tucker Carlson's show he brought us a segment about the dogs that illegal immigrants are abandoning at the border. They bring them along, and then when the climb on a bus to go somewhere beyond the border, they simply leave them behind.Tucker's comment was that people who abandon ...
What do you think? I think not. I think that should be left for a resume'.My belief is that people today want to know more than your sales statistics, your designations, your years in business, etc.And while it is important to reveal your niche, and whether you specialize in a specific area or in...
...Or, why Hughes will never know why we left.Living where I do in a mountain valley, my only choices for Internet are dial-up over ancient phone lines or satellite. For the past few years I have struggled along using Hughes Net. I did try to switch to Wild Blue a few times, but they were always ...
Create a memorable nickname.Last week marketer Graham McGregor wrote about creating a truly memorable nickname. He told a story about a printer who goes by the nickname “The Happy Printer.” After he heard about this printer, he Googled the name and found only 3 people “in the entire world” using ...
In just one day this week - September 29 - I came across three instances where lack of proofreading made me think "Do these people even think about what they're writing?"First was a fundraising letter, dated 9-29, that stressed the importance of reaching their goal by the end of the quarter. It r...
This week our mail carrier delivered a full-color postcard telling us some agent from another town listed 12+ acres in "close proximity" to us. It was on a road with the address of the other town, but who knows? Addresses can be deceiving.So I had to take a look.As it turns out, the property is o...

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