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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
If you read many of my posts and/or comments, you know I believe in prospecting – by both email and direct mail.You may also know that to receive any kind of prospecting letter in our community is a rare occurrence. That said, I always read the ones that do arrive.This week I got a doozie.I will ...
It’s best not to make unwarranted assumptions about what is going on in their heads. This morning’s email brought a prime example. The first line said: “NOTE: the "early bird rollback" 50% off special ends tomorrow night. Details at the bottom of this email. But first, a quick story.  :-) “Then h...
This morning I placed an order from Amazon - and about an hour later got a recorded call that said it was from Amazon...They said there was a suspicious charge of $77 and some cents on my Visa card. If I didn't place that order I should call. I thought it was strange, but the amount and the card ...
Just adding one more share in case my blog reaches someone who missed it on the several others ...You DO deserve better service in return for the dues you pay.     Lyn Sims  ●  Schaumburg IL Area  ●  Northwest Chicago Suburbs  ●  (847)230-7324
You’ve probably read the lists of trigger words to use in headlines – words and phrases that have stood the test of time and still make people open envelopes or click on links.Those include words like “free, secret, how to, why, announcing, introducing, discover, breakthrough, new,” and many more...
Earlier this week I started getting messages from Facebook friends telling me that someone was sending messages in my name. Thank goodness the terrible grammar alerted them to the fact that it wasn't me. I changed my password there and searched Google to see if I had a clone. Don't know if there'...
This message could be for those folks who barrel down the middle of our little country road, endangering dogs, calves who escape their fences, and even oncoming cars.But… those people don’t visit Active Rain, so this is a different message.This is about slowing down when leaving messages on answe...
Some say you should never turn down real estate clients, but I disagree. The wrong clients can do you harm.The wrong clients can eat up your time, preventing you from working with clients who are right for you. They can also cause you mental and emotional stress, which further impedes your produc...
Professionalism between real estate agents.You probably hear a lot about the importance of conducting yourself professionally with clients, but professional behavior with other agents is equally important.It can mean the difference between your listings being shown first or not until all other po...
 This evening at about 5:30 a few of our neighbors were out at our shop, visiting and enjoying a brew. All of a sudden we heard a horn honking so I went to see who it was and why they were honking. It was another neighbor - one who lives a couple of miles up the mountain. He was waving his arms a...

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