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This is perfect for activerain! PLEASE HELP ME! HOW WOULD YOU ADVISE YOUR BUYERS??? A month ago my buyers wrote on a foreclosed home with 8 acres. You can easily tell that the back 6 acres or so have been farmed in the past and it looks as though they have plowed the fields to prep for this year...
The Super Tour was another success! Century 21 1st team, inc in LaPorte, hosted it's monthly Foreclosure Super Tour.  A tour of 4-6 REO's, Foreclosures, Fixer-uppers, mulit-units etc....OPEN AND FREE TO THE PUBLIC. Below is a 1 minute clip with photos of the tour.
Foreclosure Tours  in LaPorte Indiana  2009! BEGINNING SATURDAY, JAN 10TH! 1st in LaPorte County, FORECLOSURE TOURS! Century 21 1st Team is hosting a tour of FORECLOSED PROPERTIES, REO'S, FIXER-UPPERS, AND PRE-FORECLOSURES.   FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  Bring your interested friends and your fl...
Okay, I have an accepted offer on a short sale listing after only 10 days! YES, less than 2 weeks! The bank is Citimortgage and I am in a redemption state. Basically, the owners have a 6 month right of recemption period after the sherriff sale. I sent everything the bank asked for, along with a n...
With the slow market, all we can do is turn to prayer. This is cute:   THE REAL ESTATE AGENTS PRAYER Dear Lord, I ask for patience with bankers who think buyers aren't qualified, with buyers who think houses are overpriced, with sellers who think homes are underpriced, and with appraisers who see...
How do you present the thought of moving foward in todays market to your clients?? I have noticed so much hesitation over the last month with my buyers. At first, I thought it was only me educating my buyers, but then I have noticed other agents are experiencing the same hesitation with their cli...
Everyone is always talking about the price of gas. Remember when the weather was always the topic of conversation? Now it's the price of gas. I have tried to cut corners and minimize drive time to save money. If I have to run to Michigan City for a showing, I always try and find another stop to m...
 To gain more loyalty with your clients, your MUST give them assurance through experience. Mr. Webster defines the word assurance as: a positive declaration intended to give confidence, freedom from timidity, self confidence, and the belief in ones abilities. Does that mean that you have to use y...
  Frightened by the Media?Does the media got us all scared? Every time I watch the news, open the paper,  read my e-mail, or take a call, it seems as though  I listen to someone talking about the current real estate market. It is true, Indiana ranks 2nd with the number of foreclosures for the yea...
 My July, 2007 Newsletter.......Being inside of the local real estate market for almost 6 years now, I have seen a lot of changing trends. If you think of the market trend much like a fashion trend, it comes and goes. The current market is slower than in 2006, which leaves many sellers wondering....

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