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If I drive by a house that I really like, can't I just call the Listing Agent that's on the yard sign?That's a question we hear quite frequently and it's one that seems to cause some confusion.The short answer is: Yes, of course you can call them. You can call and invite them for coffee, or ask t...
How often do I hear this statement? Frankly not often but whenever I do, I know there are certain steps I need to take in order to best protect my client and myself.From the stubborn to the cheap to the plain ole 'I already know it' all's, sometimes I run across a home buyer that refuses to do a ...
Earnest Money!  What is it? How much is it? Is it the same as downpayment? Do I get it back? When do I have to pay it? Will my check be cashed? Can I lose it? Aw the questions are endless. It's one of those issues when buying a home that can generally cause a lot of confusion and misunderstanding...
What is the difference between the Listing Price, the Sales Price and the Appraised Value of a house and why do all three prices matter?First some quick definitions:Listing Price is how much money the seller wants for the house.Sales Price is the amount of money that both the seller and the buyer...
It's been a long time since I've blogged here, a lot longer than I thought and I don't even know why. It's like I fell off the AR wagon and I forgot to climb back on.It's not even just AR, I seemed to have fallen off a lot of social media wagons. There was no real withdrawal symptoms, no consciou...

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