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Tonight August 31st sky watchers will have the opportunity to see the second full moon for the month of August. This second full moon in a month is commonly referred to as a 'Blue Moon'. The next time this phenomena will occur won't be until July 2015. The saying 'Once in a blue moon', implies a ...
After reading a post by the wonderful Bill Spear, "Actverain not working for you? Time to self assess", I thought I would tell you one of my success stories.  I wrote a couple of market reports a long time ago about a particular subdivision in our area. No one else seemed to be writing about it n...
I had the opportunity to meet with a past client yesterday that had since become a good friend. We visited over a few drinks about family, work, current issues, all the usual natter two friends have that don't get to see each other very often.  Mid-way through our conversation about how to best s...
Why do REALTORS ask buyers at first contact if the buyer is working with a lender?  TIME that's why.   I as a REALTOR don't want to waste a buyers time by showing them houses that they cannot qualify to purchase. I don't want to waste my time showing houses the buyer can't afford to buy. I want t...
This is so funny to watch but it's also surprising what people will do for something free. Me? I'd have done it just for the cheering crowd :) Laugh and enjoy. We all may offer FREE to people for business at some point. FREE is good. People will go to great lengths to have THEIR "free". Don't bel...
Yup that time of year has arrived, Bryan / College Station children are going back to school. Summer is over and kids are counting down the days. Some are dreading it, hating the thoughts of early mornings, exams and homework while others are excited to see friends, be free from their parents for...
I was lucky enough to be able to spend just over 2 weeks on the road with my 2 daughters traveling from Texas through New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. it was an amazing adventure and my daughters 17 and 10 will have memories of the trip forever. Although I have...

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