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It is not a surprise to anyone, that after COVID-19 hit the U.S. back in March, lots of things changed and the effect was unmeasurable. However, Miami real estate, as opposed to what most predictions said, is having a great recovery and is coming out with surprising strength.  New trends came to ...
When the pandemic hit the U.S. lenders were afraid the home prices would drastically drop, so they decided to limit large mortgages to avoid a housing crisis like the one in 2008. More strict requirements for borrowers asking for high mortgages caused a drop in the supply of the jumbo loans.  Jum...
Miami area has always been a popular retiring destination for the over-60 crowd, as it has unparalleled weather, tax benefits, and cultural activities for all ages all year long.  The tax benefits come back to be one of the first advantages Miami has to offer to retirees. Some income tax, includi...
Miami has been for a long time an international destination, but it has not only been a vacationing spot, as foreign buyers look at Miami as a perfect paradise where to invest in real estate. With a more stable political and economic environment, cash-rich foreigners have seen Miami as the invest...
With such a bizarre year we are currently experiencing, it is normal to be wondering what the future will bring and how the real estate market will be affected. This week I decided to focus on the luxury housing market in Miami and the projections for the last quarter of 2020 and the beginning of...
As a real estate broker for over 20 years, specializing in luxury real estate, I've noticed that with time comes new tendencies and interesting opportunities on how to approach buyers. This doesn't mean that all buyers are the same, and you have to identify each one of them in order to find the b...
If you would have to choose, where would you prefer to be during the quarantine, at a luxury condo in New York, or at a beautiful high-end single-family home with pool in the cloud-less Miami? It almost sounds like sarcasm, as the luxury house sounds like a better deal, right? This is what most N...
April was a difficult month for North Americans. The Coronavirus arrived in the US not only as a health problem but with heavy luggage of uncertainty and unemployment.  Companies were forced to stop operations without a clear restoration date and with no production, the fastest and easiest soluti...
This week, I decided to talk about the top trendy topic, the COVID-19. The Corona Virus is affecting almost every industry worldwide, but how is it affecting South Florida Real Estate? As obvious as this might sound, Miami is a seasonal city. The high season starts around November and goes till A...
Downtown keeps growing and new developments only show how the neighborhood is going through a Renaissance. Condos like X Miami, Paramount Mami Worldcenter and One Thousand Museum are just a few examples of concluded developments that decided this neighborhood was the best area to build. There is ...

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