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Comments on Multifamily investments from a veteran banker. Rick Fitzgerald and AAM Capital gives you a look at multifamily financing from a lender's point of view. Experienced or beginning multifamily investors should find the information useful. If you are a multi family investor call 423-991-5926.
The LIBOR index comes up once in awhile in conversation especially when providing a multifamily investor a rate quote. Multifamily loans and investing include the LIBOR index routinely now. Years ago, when multi family investments were less common, investors rarely asked how LIBOR worked.  Banks ...
Another name that many of my multifamily investment clients don’t recognize much is “The Reserve Management Corp”.    They actually created the “money-market” funds investment.   The average multi family investor hears the phrase money market account at their local bank but in most cases it is no...
  You have probably heard of the bailout but how much is known about this RTC entity? The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) was enacted due to the failed thrifts and Savings and Loans debacle which came to a head in 1989. What many don’t know is the RTC was the brain child of a brilliant managem...
Multifamily investments and lending came to a standstill in the past week as the commercial real estate market tries to understand the impact on future lending and criteria. The multi family portfolio is impacted simply under the “guilt by association” influence. J. Christopher Hoeffel, president...
I was blogging awhile back with a reporter with the St Louis newspaper who maintained that the early year hike in oil prices were only due to the economic conditions. My contention that the hike was intentional due to trading manipulation and resulted in the largest consumer fraud in history. I w...
  The SEC blocked the short selling of a number of financial stocks in order to protect them and instill some investor confidence to those who have or want long term holdings. The vast majority of investors purchase stock for the long term motivation of profit. So what is “short selling”? Short s...
By now you know the Feds have bailed out AIG. They are one of the largest insurers in the world protecting a wide range of investments and owning a variety of very good assets. Unfortunately, if you own the biggest diamond in the world today and you have to sell it right now there would be a cons...
Market investing takes another back seat to the government today. One veteran trader said, "no one on the planet could have anticipated this week". The market continued its historic upheaval today with the government bailout of AIG. Although the government declared it was not "nationalizing" AIG,...
The multifamily lending industry is crossing their fingers while waiting for the market to stabilize. Multifamily investors across the nation are looking for any positive signs. Yesterday's market performance along with the financial sectors reporting went down in the record books as one of the w...
Lehman Brothers did in fact file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The rest of the investment banks who have not made arrangements have certainly been put on notice. If you do some research, you will find the seed of this all lies from an back in 1999 and the Clinton Administration. Without being political ...

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