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2008 has had more ups and downs than a Roller Coaster! I admit with the economic conditions we are going through there is NO WAY to make any rational predictions about what may be coming. Just forget it! This is more like the good guy, bad guy routine but with INFLATION then DEFLATION. The proble...
This is beyond belief. This is cronyism and corruption at it's worst and is flat wrong at best. If SAR does not voluntarily surrender their possession of the URL they essentially Hijacked from fellow Realtor Marc Rasmussen than I feel NAR or the Florida Association of Realtors needs to step in f...
The Opinions are my own! The "Bail Out" will happen, the markets will recover! The drama of it all will pass! I am at least 90% sure of this!  Personally I think the banks need us more than we need them. In context you need to look back throughout history, ours, theirs, mankind's! People existed ...
I know this sounds weak, but it's been awhile since I have posted. My minute use on my cell phone is now taking minutues from the other months and September is continuing to show stong market recovery in and around the Dallas area. I can't recall ever being this busy in August and September, good...
Changes continue to evolve in the Mortgage Lending Sector. Below is from  the Federal Resever: http://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/press/bcreg/20080714a.htm Press Release Release Date: July 14, 2008 For immediate release   The Federal Reserve Board on Monday approved a final rule for home mo...
  I think this ad might say it all for those who need a $0 down loan.
It is too bad that FOX, CNN and other news stations don't clearly confine their riveting real estate news reporting to the specific geographical areas they are reporting about. Sure we know about the problems in the lending space, and how they have hurt a lot of people, especially in markets that...
Well, I have been talking about this for some time. The lower dollar is making a mess of oil prices throughout the world. Oil if you were not aware is priced in U.S.Dollars. How do you think oil prices can come down? Make the U.S. Dollar more valuable compared to the Euro would be a major first S...
In and effort to keep North Texas Home Buyers and Sellers in SYNC with up to date housing information it appears that for now housing prices have hit bottom and are starting to move higher. Home prices moved up in February, March and April reversing the steady decline since July of 2007. What is ...
Retrofitting New Inventory Homes or Existing Homes can also be considered. I have found that www.foilbarrier.com provides the best Foil Radiant Barrier product solution in the DFW Metroplex. The work in the home below was performed by Foil Barrier. home Foil Barrier is operated by Joe Perry and ...

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