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Oregon has a new woodstove law that requires all wood stoves to be on an approved list provided by the Department of Environmental Quality.  If the stoves are non-compliant the law requires that they be not only removed from the premises, but that they be certified destroyed to DEQ standards.  We...
I recently negotiated a new roof for my buyers with a for sale by owner.  Just waiting to make sure the appraisal came back to value, and that nothing else was called before having the Seller sign the contract with the roofing company.  Although I'm not representing the seller, I do want this to ...
My way of taking listings is no big secret, so let me share with you.  In my past career as a bartender I learned some great skills such as listening to what my clients had to say, and paying attention to their needs.  Learning early on how to use their body language to both their, and my benefit...
Well, this has been another successful Christmas.  Our extended family is happy, safe and secure.  Calls have been made, presents have been opened, and the wrapping mess has even been  cleaned up.  We are starting a new tradition for the Call's Christmas this year. About 10:30am we will meet our ...
Every year my wife and I go through this same ritual.  We decide that we won't get each other gifts, and will instead get as much as possible for Ender(our grandson), Meagan(our daughter) and Matt(our amazing son in law).  Mostly we get for Ender. So this year, just like I do every year, I have g...
I get asked this question from time to time, and the answer is a definite yes!  And..there is over 1.3 Trillion dollars out there in IRA's.  If you are like many, you really don't understand how to intelligently invest in the stock market, and simply sit back and watch it go up and down.  Too oft...
It's that time of the year when something more important than work occurs.  Christmas always sneaks up on me and I'm seldom ready.  This year, however, I have managed to be set to go for the upcoming event.  So...Christmas is almost here and the office is nearly empty.  I sit at my desk to write ...
Today starts much the same as any other day.  Head to the office, read the paper and begin my dance.. Though I should say I'm trying a new dance these days.  More organization and structure as I start the hunt for a new and improved business model for the coming year.  I think I have relied too m...
I just left my coaching meeting with Judy Thomas, my Principal Broker here at Remax Integrity, and my coach.  Our mutual goal is to make me a more productive Realtor, in earned commissions as well as in the level of attention I pay to my sphere of influence.  I have found over the years that it i...
During the early stage of World War 1, in December of 1914 there was a fair amount of fraterization between the troops on both sides of the conflict.  While not approved by the leaders of the war efforts the soldiers on both sides took a day for Christmas, laying down their arms on both sides an...

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