In any profession, there should be a code of ethics to adhere, mission statement, and value system that you should adhere to. I don't care if it is picking up somone's trash in the morning, there needs to be a moral and ethical compass used in our everyday dealings as fathers, sons, husbands...
Fed rate cut is possible on Wedsnday, which will lower the rates on your credit cards, home equity lines of credit, and automobile loans to 5%. Most are anticipating a small interest rate cut of one quarter percentage point, since inflation is looming around with higher energy costs, and food pri...
With all the doom and gloom in the market right now, there is obviously much blood on the street. When there is blood on the street, this can open up the doors of opportunity for those wanting to invest in real estate. The trend now seems that many homeowners are now renting out there homes, and ...
Walk into any Countrywide retail branch for a an A Paper loan, and you will probably get the same rate, if not better, then using a mortgage broker who is set up with Countrywide wholesale. In 2009, brokers will not be able to order appraisals if it is a fannie mae loan. They must be ordered from...
First Time Home Buyers represent a good percentage to the real estate market of the buying population, however in this new lending environment, these buyers need to know before they go, so they do not set themselves up for disappointmnent down the road of the loan process. Not only are they doing...
Since late 2006, over 250 banks have went out of business due to the subprime meltdown, and inability to sell their wholesale mortgage notes to wall street investors. Add in defaults, foreclosures, and forebearances, and banks continue to feel the hurt, with having to service these mortgage notes...
 As of late, many homeowners are turning in their keys, instead of sending in their mortgage payments to their lenders, coined the phrase, jingle mail.This can have a domino effect on a neighborhood as foreclosures will devalue the comparative market analysis of homes sold in an area. Many people...
  The following is a proposal and business plan for the Mexico resort we've secured funding on ($35 million A&D loan); however, my developer needs a $3.5 million equity kicker to get the loan closed.  If you could filter this through your contacts it would be appreciated, there will be a nice com...
630 FICO60% LTVCash outDinner TheatreMulti-PurposeCOLORADOSISA$400K Loan AmountBK got dismissed on personal 2005 - CH 13Appraisal - At least 700KNO INTERBAY REPS PLEASENeed rate of 10.5% or betterNO 5 year pre pays either
702 FICOStated - Verified AssetsNeed $150K to finishSFROOCOLORADOAs is home appraises at $550KHe owes $330 on it Future Appraised Value when addition is complete will be $750K Need help asap ThanksBRian

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